Subway Offers Hyper-Convenience and Perfect Personalization to Spark Brand Loyalty

For Ken Moy, Director Payments for Subway, offering a customer-centric approach that holds a laser focus on meeting customer expectations is an integral aspect of attaining brand loyalty.

Loyalty360 caught up with Moy for an insightful Q&A.

What trends do you see or foresee related to digital customer engagement?
Moy: Guests today expect “Hyper-Convenience” and “Perfect Personalization”.  The best digital customer engagements deliver against these themes in a way that surprises and delights their customers.

Can you talk about Subway’s efforts around CX, customer loyalty, and customer engagement and how they have changed and/or progressed in recent years?
Moy: Our engagement with our guests has evolved with their changing expectations. Today, our guests expect a high-touch, highly personalized experience with their favorite brands and we are evolving the experience we deliver to match this.

How important is listening to your customers and how do you leverage those insights for any of your CX/customer loyalty/customer engagement initiatives?
Moy: We believe having a dialogue with our guests is fundamental to having a lasting relationship with them. We leverage a range of tools from social listening to direct conversations with our guests to make sure we understand their needs and wants.  We use these insights to enhance our menu and the experience we create for them.

What are you most proud of from a CX/customer engagement/customer loyalty perspective?
Moy: First and foremost, it starts with our freshly made, hand-crafted Subs.  Secondly, it’s our Sandwich Artists who deliver great service and our work against “digital” serves to enhance these core values.

What does customer experience mean to you / your organization?
Moy: At Subway, we’ve enjoyed 50 years of phenomenal success. Delivering the ideal customer experience, one guest at a time, is fundamental to our future success.

There is a lot of talk about new media (social) and how it can increase impact. How is social media being used differently today than a year ago, and how do you see it changing over the next year?
Moy: An active social engagement strategy gives a brand an ideal opportunity to have an ongoing dialogue with customers. The ability to provide real-time content and information, and to gain real-time feedback and insights, is invaluable in today’s digital society. It gives brands the ability to respond and delight.

What are the challenges you face with data, analytics, and creating insight today and how has that changed over the past 18 months?
Moy: The need to ingest real-time data to meet the “Hyper-Convenience” and “Perfect Personalization” expectations of our guests requires scalable systems and flexible technologies. Today’s Data Scientists and Delivery Engineers are at the frontlines of creativity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

What does Customer Loyalty Mean to Subway?  
Moy: Core equities of the Subway brand include Trusted, Healthy, Accessibility, Customization, and Fresh. Our guests come to expect these elements in every Sub and from every interaction (digital or in-person) they enjoy with Subway.

How do you define success?
Moy: A satisfied guest, one Sub at a time!

How does Employee Loyalty / Engagement fit into the customer loyalty discussion?
Moy: Our Sandwich Artists are the “Tip of the Spear” of our customer engagement strategy. We’re able to deliver the human touch through our more than 44,000 restaurants around the world.  Our ability to be an active member of millions of local communities is something extraordinary about Subway.

Is your brand one that customers have a passion / emotional connection too / for? How does that help / hinder customer loyalty?
Moy: Subway is fortunate to have a growing base of passion, loyal guests. Core equities of the Subway brand include Trusted, Healthy, Accessibility, Customization and Fresh. Our guests come to expect these elements in every Sub and from every interaction (digital or in-person) they have with Subway.

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