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Strategies to Promote Your Loyalty Program

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Creating a loyalty program is an important step toward securing a better understanding of your customers and demonstrating value for their continuing interaction with your brand, according to the introduction of an new e-book from CrowdTwist8 Ways to Promote a Loyalty Program.

“Just building [a loyalty] initiative isn’t enough,” the e-book introduction notes. “You need to promote it and encourage participation. A loyalty program is effective only if customers and future shoppers are aware it exists and remain active in it. To achieve success, it’s essential to promote your program across multiple channels and touchpoints to increase visibility and enrollment.”

The e-book outlines eight strategies that marketers can implement to create awareness and keep their loyalty programs top of mind. Here are a few examples of those strategies:

Activate Front-Line Employees to Promote Your Program:

“If you operate a brick-and-mortar store, employees can act as an extension of your brand and help you further support your program’s success,” the e-book says. “It’s important to arm team members who have the most customer interaction with the right tools to inform them about the program and the processes. This includes front-line employees, salespeople, and any customer service staff who may have a direct interaction with your customer base. If customers have questions about your loyalty program, you should provide them with quick answers and service.”

Tie a Social Media Strategy to Your Loyalty Program:

“Building a community requires communicating promotions through social media posts, videos, apps, and blogs, and understanding how consumers use these channels to receive information. Incorporating a social media strategy into your loyalty program helps engage current members and create excitement for those who may not currently be involved. Once customers become active, it’s important to consider providing incentives (points, sweepstakes entries, or exclusive benefits) to increase the likelihood of social sharing.

Promote Your Program In Stages:

“Loyalty programs can involve many different components and stages. But not every facet of a loyalty offering must launch at the same time. It may be more important for your brand to focus on one channel or element and refine it before rolling out other initiatives. Too many variables that occur at the same time could hamper your program.”

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