Stonegate Seeks Student Loyalty, Launches MORE Program

Stonegate Pub Company, with over 620 pubs and bars across the UK, recently announced a loyalty program aimed specifically at students.

The program, called MORE, is being rolled out across 50 of Stonegate’s pubs via a card or mobile app. Members will be rewarded with 10 points for every £1 spent on food or drink, which can be redeemed once 200 points are accumulated. Stonegate is capitalizing on students’ affinity for drinking by offering points for drinks, which is not often the case.

“Our loyalty card gives our customers exceptional value, in fact ten times more return than they would get from other schemes in the retail market such as Nectar or Tesco Clubcard,” said Richard Bruce, Stonegate Pub Marketing Director. “And unlike others in the pub industry we are allowing spending on drinks as well as food to be included.”

Stonegate is hitting the various channels with its promotions for MORE, as well as incentivizing behaviors. The loyalty program is free to sign up for, and members are rewarded for registering with a 100 point bonus, as well as an additional 50 points for providing their twitter handle, and 5 points for each tweet. Customers are highly engaged over the first eight weeks with complimentary gifts and bonus points, after which a regular e-newsletter will be sent out containing points balances, free giveaways and the opportunity to earn bonus points.

Stonegate has been paying special attention to its customers who are students, with a recent investment of £2.3m across its student business. Thirteen of its pubs now cater to students, with features like free broadband, USB ports and plugs on tables for charging, loan of phone chargers, a grab and go takeaway counter, free ATM services, and complimentary printing, alongside a selection of craft beers.

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