Customer engagement has become a moving target in recent years, with channels of communication rising and falling in popularity seemingly every day. One channel that has seemed to stand the test of time has been email. Given the natural evolution of what’s now become “snail mail,” email has become an absolute necessity for any business.
As an engagement platform, however, email has been flooded with spam and phishing schemes, resulting in lowered open rates and even lower click-through. Worse yet, a hacked email campaign can do irreparable damage to a brand, shattering customer trust and significantly lowering company perception.
Cloud email service SparkPost is looking to bring back the heyday of email marketing, and is doing so through a partnership with deliverability services provider 250ok.
“The 250ok partnership brings cutting edge tools and insight necessary for every marketer’s success in today’s complex marketplace,” said Karen Tracy, director of business development at SparkPost. “The ISP landscape is fractured and multi-faceted; complicating matters are the many platforms and devices consumers are using to read and react to their email. 250ok’s bundle with SparkPost Elite will enable our customers to measure their performance, triage problems, better protect their brand through robust email threat analysis and optimize their user's inbox experiences with rendering tools – all without having to purchase point products or services from outside vendors.”
Through the collaboration, companies will have access to the tools necessary to develop and execute successful email messaging. These tools include threat data, domain-based data, and improved consistency across devices. With these new capabilities, organizations will be able to cut through the static (and the spam filter) to deliver timely and relevant to current and potential customers.
“We specialize in providing actionable intelligence in transactional and marketing emails, so the partnership with a leading email provider like SparkPost ensures our insights will move the needle,” said 250ok CEO Greg Kraios. “As email marketing becomes increasingly complex in the face of ISP evolution, successful transactional email is often a moving target requiring significant attention to maintain. This partnership combines the best of inbox intelligence, analytical tools, reputation management and SparkPost’s leading email delivery platform to provide a world-class experience for marketers who rely on email to drive revenue.”

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