Southwest Accelerates Member Rewards

Southwest Airlines Co. will give Rapid Rewards® members three new ways to increase their tier status to A-List or A-List Preferred. The limited-time offer is designed to reward members for their long-term customer loyalty. 

After registering for the promotion, Rapid Rewards® members can: 

  • Earn double tier qualifying points on flights 

  • Apply 10% of rewards travel points to increasing rewards tiers 

  • Earn Rapid Rewards® points by using Chase credit cards 

“We’re thanking our customers for continuing to fly Southwest, engaging in Rapid Rewards, and trusting us to connect them to the people and places that matter most in their lives,” says Jonathan Clarkson, Vice President of Marketing, Loyalty & Products at Southwest Airlines. 

Southwest travelers can sign up for Rapid Rewards® and register for the promotion at 


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