As the ubiquity of mobile devices and smartphones rises, the nature of loyalty programs continues to evolve in step. More brands are starting to capture the power of mobile to offer the rewards and incentives that can keep customer engagement high. Many of these programs are offered via innovative apps that also provide a greater range of flexibility for consumers who wish to eschew the traditional loyalty program card.

Snipp Interactive Inc. and Bond Brand Loyalty are two companies that exist on the front lines of this movement.

By leveraging an array of innovative loyalty program mechanisms that can deliver relevant customer experiences, the two companies have recently announced a new partnership to power a new mobile loyalty app called SynapzeSHOP, a receipt processing platforms that allows customers to simply scan receipts to earn rewards.

Bond Brand Loyalty, a leading customer engagement and analytics agency, hopes SynapzeSHOP will bring a new level of convenience to consumers. Driven by Snipp’s advanced receipt processing, rebate, and promotional technologies, SynapzeSHOP will integrate with SnippCheck to provide a real-time customer experience that is personalized, location-based, and very flexible.

Through SynapzeSHOP, consumers can shop at numerous top brands, scan their receipts, and earn rewards. SynapzeSHOP also comes with a host of additional features including a store locator, digital coupons, instant notifications, and geo-location based iBeacon offers.

What’s more, SynapzeSHOP’s function as receipt capturing device also provides a powerful customer data collection tool for brands and marketers.

“By integrating SnippCheck into SynapzeSHOP we are able to provide brands with a complete mobile loyalty solution that drives consumer engagement and builds share of basket,” said Carlo Pirillo, Executive Vice-President of Digital Solutions at Bond Brand Loyalty. “Brands now have direct access to powerful purchase data that will allow them to build stronger and more meaningful customer relationships along the entire path to purchase.”

Snipp is also excited about the partnership and the potential of the loyalty program initiative going forward.

“We are pleased to have been selected as the receipt processing partner for Bond’s loyalty application,” said Snipp CEO, Atul Sabharwal. “Bond is one of the premier brand loyalty companies in the world, and our partnership is a validation of the strength of our SnippCheck solution and the ease of integration with our API. We continue to expand our partnership strategy and establish SnippCheck as the platform of choice for receipt-based purchase validation.”

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