Retailers can now stay connected and maintain a one-on-one connection with their customers after they leave stores, thanks to Silicon Valley-based Proximiant.

According to a recent study by the Customer Loyalty Research Center, only one in four consumers feel ‘very loyal’ to retailers they’ve made purchases with in the past, and just as many profess no loyalty at all. Now, thanks to a new innovative service by Proximiant Inc, a leader in mobile receipts, retailers have the ability to seamlessly build loyalty with their customers.

Retailers always want customers to come back but when customers’ checkout and leave, the challenge is staying connected to ensure return visits and purchases.  “Loyalty starts at checkout and with Proximiant, you can easily connect with customers even after they leave the store,” said Fang Cheng, CEO of Proximiant.  “With Proximiant, retailers can maintain loyalty through a one-on-one connection with their customers and customers can stay connected with their favorite stores.”

The retail market is very challenging as today’s consumers are well educated on product knowledge, brands and price thanks to the internet and smartphones.  Retailers face growing issues in ‘showrooming’ where customers will use their smartphones while in stores only to leave and purchase from an online competitor.  “One of the main benefits of Proximiant’s service is that it helps retailers engage with their customers through their smartphones,” Cheng stressed. 

According to NDP Group, an industry leader in consumer research, tracking, and trends, more than 85% of loyalty program members say they never hear a single word after they sign up to most retail loyalty programs.  Retailers continue to invest heavily in loyalty programs but many customers don’t want to take the time to sign up for yet another program and are also becoming more resistant to provide personal information which also takes up valuable time during checkout.  “We designed Proximiant with both the consumer and retailer in mind to overcome these challenges,” said Cheng.  “Proximiant creates loyalty in seconds for retailers and it’s quick, easy and secure for customers who don’t want to share their personal information.”       

Social networks provide another opportunity for retailers to build and maintain loyalty but many are just starting to scratch the surface.  Cheng states that Proximiant can be used not only to maintain one-on-one relationships with loyal customers but will bring in new customers through social networks.  Loyal customers will act as ambassadors and easily share discounts, coupons and other information with their friends on Facebook and other social platforms with Proximiant.      

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About Proximiant

Proximiant is a Mountain View, California based company and a leader in Touch&Go mobile receipts and targeted CRM. The company's patent-pending technology allows shoppers to get digital receipts beamed directly to their mobile phone without having to provide their email address or phone number. This less-invasive solution has a built-in CRM and mobile marketing platform for retailers to effectively launch loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, new product announcements, customer surveys, daily specials and more. Proximiant easily integrates into existing POS systems in minutes and will drive store traffic (in-store and online), loyalty and sales while improving the shopping experience.

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