Recently, KrisFlyer, the frequent flyer program of Singapore Airlines Group, and Points, the global leader in powering loyalty commerce, launched ‘KrisFlyer vRooms,’ a dedicated platform for KrisFlyer members to redeem miles for hotels and car rental services.
The strategic partnership will enable KrisFlyer members to use their miles to book over 300,000 competitively-priced hotels and over 29,000 car rental locations around the globe.
Barry May, VP of Marketing at Points, discussed their background and the platform as a whole.
“Points Travel is a global travel booking platform designed specifically for the loyalty industry. It can be quickly integrated into any loyalty program's web and mobile properties to create a highly-converting, travel eCommerce offering that is program-branded and leverages the capabilities of the Points Loyalty Commerce Platform. Singapore Airlines has integrated with the platform to allow their members to use their KrisFlyer miles to redeem for over 300,000 hotels and 29,000 car rental locations globally via ‘KrisFlyer vRooms.’”
The Points platform makes the KrisFlyer program much simpler and intuitive for customer engagement.
“With Singapore Airlines now leveraging this platform, the user experience for KrisFlyer members is simple and intuitive, taking members from consideration to purchase in just a few clicks, ultimately enabling members to redeem miles or with a combination of miles and cash for bookings at thousands of hotels and car rental companies around the world.”
Opportunities for members, along with flexibility, will add value to the airline in a time where customers are growing increasingly picky.
“Through Points' suite of loyalty commerce services, members have more opportunities to use their reward miles with more flexibility. This partnership will ultimately drive value for all stakeholders, as well as showcase their continued efforts to innovate.”
For Points, the shifting loyalty landscape, combined with changes in engagement trends, creating worthwhile loyalty programs for consumers is the end goal.
“Over the last five years, we have seen the loyalty landscape change, with everyday engagement opportunities on the rise. Members now have additional ways to earn points for something they do frequently – outside of flights and hotel stays.
Our goal as an organization is to help make loyalty programs more valuable – not only to the loyalty programs themselves but more importantly for their members. Like our loyalty program partners – we put the program member at the heart of everything we do.
Points is a nimble organization. As consumer preferences change and market demands shift, we work with our partners to introduce solutions that constantly improve program value and member engagement.”

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