Luxury Boutique Independents Outshine Flags with Creative Marketing and Personalized Rewards Strategies using Maestro Integrated CRM, Loyalty,  Booking Engine and Mobile.

Lodging Hospitality Management (LHM) operates 15 hotels in the St.  Louis area.  LHM understands the strategies required to successfully run both chain properties and independents because amid its Hilton,  Sheraton, IHG, and Choice flags it operates two luxury boutiques, The Cheshire and The Seven Gables Inn.

Independents have freedom to explore personalized loyalty strategies
“Franchise standards and marketing support are benefits of running a flagged property, but independents have more freedom to explore personalized social media strategies that create loyalty,” said Todd Hotaling, Lodging Hospitality Management’s corporate director of revenue management. “We use the Maestro™ Property Management hotel software from NORTHWIND and Maestro’s Loyalty System,  ResWave direct booking engine, and Mobile web booking optimization, at LHM’s independents.  Maestro provides flexibility to create effective marketing strategies that strengthen loyalty and attract new business.” Click here to learn more about Maestro’s solutions for profitability and productivity.

Loyalty is based on 2-way guest communication  
LHM integrates social media marketing and guest reward strategies into every venture it undertakes.  “Social media was not on a hotel operator’s radar five years ago.  Today LHM relies on NORTHWIND-Maestro to integrate Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels into its websites and booking pages in ways that strengthen loyalty.  These cost-effective channels help guests tell us how they want to be served and let us monitor what they say about our hotels,” said Hotaling.  “Creating loyalty is based on two-way communications with guests, and this includes having an active presence on social media channels.  Maestro helped us build social media links into our websites and online reservation software pages that enable guests to give us their preferences, and tell them about our promotions.”

LHM is flexing its marketing muscles with several new promotions with high profile partners.  The Cheshire, one of LHM’s independent properties, recently partnered with Nestle Purina to launch its Noble Pet Program that it is currently marketing online to guests who travel with four-legged companions.  The package offers amenities provided by Nestle Purina including: food bowls, pet beds, leashes, and VIP treats at check-in.  “Our Noble Pet Program is very successful and an excellent way to build a strong relationship with guests based on our sensitivity to their needs,” said Hotaling.  “We also partner with Delta Airlines to offer 500 bonus Sky Miles to guests when they book with us.  This kind of reward is a personal outreach that is essential to the success of our properties. NORTHWIND is helping us integrate these guest rewards programs into our Maestro online direct-booking page for lower cost direct-channel reservations.”

Maestro PMS single-image database is a powerful tool for guest information and rewards program for multi-property operators
Two valuable tools LHM uses to support its loyalty programs are the Maestro CRM and Guest Loyalty modules which are integrated into the Maestro PMS.  “We record guest information when they book rooms and track their favorite restaurants and activities and use the information to build reward marketing programs,” Hotaling said.  “We are currently launching two new loyalty programs.  The first is ‘Royal Rewards’ which rewards the assistants who book reservations for business travelers.  The second is ‘Royal Perks’ which rewards the travelers, themselves.  We track loyalty program attainment automatically through our Maestro system’s Loyalty Module which provides a customizable point system and reward criteria.”

“Facebook and TripAdvisor are the two most important social media channels for our hotels,” said Hotaling.  “We maintain a Facebook presence and regularly engage in conversations about our properties;  each interaction builds the guest’s connection with our hotels.  We also monitor TripAdvisor and respond to reviews.  Guests have been known to report an issue after they have departed without giving us the opportunity to remedy to situation while in-house.  Online reviews provide us an opportunity to act on their comments and invite them back.  NORTHWIND is a social-media savvy tech partner whose professional team, as well as their technology, enables us to have a stronger online presence that builds guest loyalty.”

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