Part of designing a successful loyalty program is knowing the audience. Program features that attract some members may be the same things that drive others away. Rocky Brands, maker of a wide variety of footwear, has partnered with Clutch to develop loyalty programs for each of its four distinct brands of shoes.
The partnership resulted in four separate loyalty programs: one each for Rocky Boots, Georgia Boots, Durango Boots, and Creative Recreation, which provide footwear for a wide variety of demographics and situations.
“As part of our partnership with Rocky Brands, we are helping them to identify how much customer cross-over exists between their brands,” Brad Marg, COO at Clutch, told Loyalty360 While we have initially launched distinct loyalty programs for each of their specialized brands, we have an ongoing analysis to understand if customers are loyal to one brand or the entire family of brands, and if it makes sense to have a single, universal loyalty program across Rocky Brands.
“Although the internal design and structure of the loyalty program is complex given the different footwear types,” continued Marg, “Our approach to working with Rocky Brands is largely focused on improving their understanding of each of their individual customers with the end goal of gaining knowledge from a universal cross-brand perspective to improve how they serve their entire customer base.”
Marg went on to expand on the challenges of serving such a wide spectrum of loyal Rocky Brands customers. Because all four programs are designed with different audiences in mind, they must be built from the ground up and maintained specifically for those audiences.
“Because Rocky Brands caters to such a wide spectrum of customers, we are constantly optimizing the loyalty program’s performance by analyzing which channels and what experiences are performing best, “ said Marg. “The design and development of our program is a continuous process of understanding the behaviors and preferences of each unique customer and then aligning engagements, offers, and messaging with what customers are most likely to respond positively to. Rather than a ‘set it and forget it’ program, which often does not take into account individual customer preferences, we are working with Rocky Brands to constantly improve how they serve their different customer bases, from hipsters to hunters.”

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