Revlon’s Website Earns Sitecore Award for Interactive, Personalized Customer Experiences

Revlon’s enhanced interactive website earned it the North American Sitecore Site of the Year. The award recognized Revlon’s ability to deliver high quality interactive, personalized experiences to its customers.

With Sitecore's software, Revlon has created uniquely engaging experiences within its website for its global following of loyal consumers. Revlon currently has Sitecore's software implemented in five of its global markets, including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, and South Africa, with Mexico slated to join that list.

Revlon has enhanced its online global presence through translation automation, work with content delivery networks, and management of the content authoring process. What’s more, Revlon personalized its website experience by adding interactive virtual tools to educate consumers on products, and offer them a virtual look.

Max Slabyak, Revlon’s lead web developer, discussed the company’s website enhancements in a video on Sitecore’s website.

“We have a vision,” Slabyak said. “That vision is glamour, excitement, and innovation. We have many ways in which we interact with our consumers and build meaningful relationships. Our website, which is currently managed through Sitecore, is certainly one of the connection points which we have with consumers.”

Slabyak said when customers visit Revlon’s website, he wants them to be educated about the products.

“But our website is actually much more than that,” Slabyak explained. “We have a collection of great interactive tools that the consumer can use not only to educate yourself, but to also be able to see what am I going to look like if I put on pink lipstick with blue eye shadow with red hair color. Stuff like that is not only fun, but it can also lead to really educating yourself about the perfect product and shade combination.”

Once Revlon deployed Sitecore, it had the ability to update the website expeditiously and maintain a consistent look and feel across its markets.

“It allows us to launch new products and new information onto the site with speed we didn’t have before,” Slabyak said. “In addition to that, we’re able to take that ability and take it overseas globally to our other global markets.”

Sitecore's Site of the Year awards recognizes organizations that leverage Sitecore's customer experience management software to deliver engaging, personalized experiences that increase marketing performance and revenue.

The Sitecore Site of the Year winners were selected based on each company's use of Sitecore's software to deliver personalized customer experiences at the right time and through the right channel. The Sitecore judges consider creativity, integration with third-party applications, overall user experience and the ability to educate, inform, and motivate an action.

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