Ralph Lauren Launches Virtual Fashion Line in Metaverse

Ralph Lauren has launched a new fashion line in the metaverse via the online game Fortnite. The “Polo Stadium Collection” includes a limited run of physical hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, button-down shirts, polo shirts and caps, with digital outfits that are for sale in-game. The clothing features a mashup of the Polo logo with its iconic jockey riding the Fortnite llama. This marks the first time in Ralph Lauren’s 55-year history that the logo has been redesigned.

Rapper Polo G. kicks off launch festivities with a live-streamed concert for fans. The luxury brand’s retro-preppy items have become a hot collectible in the hip-hop community.

The company has been reinventing itself for Gen-Z through various collaborations in the metaverse, including an experience within the Roblox gaming platform. Ralph Lauren chief executive officer Patrice Louvet credits their young customers for pushing online sales to 26 percent of revenue, and she expects that figure to reach about 33 percent over the next several years.

Chief branding and innovation officer David Lauren said he sees growth coming from immersive marketing experiences in spaces where young people gather, like video games.

“They’re not going to walk into a store like their parents did, so we want to create something joyous where the brand can be discovered in a fresh light,” he said. “It’s not about selling millions; it’s about selling to a targeted audience of influencers.”

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