The pressure for brands to create a digital presence is growing across all industries, but is especially true for companies in the QSR arena. The convenience that customers demand from these food establishments places an increased need for online and mobile engagements to offer entirely seamless customer experience, whether users are ordering food, redeeming points, or simply looking up the menu.
Sandwich shop chain Quiznos  has taken this to heart, rolling out their mobile app early last week with simplicity in mind.
The Toasty Points app was launched as the brand’s latest loyalty offering, presumably replacing the My Q Rewards card that had previously served as a way for Quiznos to reward loyal consumers.
"We've been working on this strategy for the past year to reward frequent guests and entice new guests to discover our premium, toasted subs," said Quiznos CEO Susan Lintonsmith. "Leveraging this type of mobile technology leads to increased engagement with our guests in addition to sustainable sales growth for our franchise owners."
The use of the mobile platform in creating digital loyalty programs is a match made in heaven: phones have become a piece of ubiquitous technology, held by every market segment, from teenagers to senior citizens. Placing a loyalty program within a well-designed app ensures that consumers will have access to it at any time, without the need for any sort of physical card.
"Toasty Points is a key initiative to solidify Quiznos position as an emerging technology leader in the QSR space," said Quiznos Director of Interactive and Innovation Tim Kraus. "We're proud of this rollout and are working to incorporate amplified capabilities to further enhance the app experience in the years to come."
The app will be built out over time, with features like mobile ordering taking immediate precedence. In an effort to spike enrollment immediately on rollout, the company is offering free sandwiches to users who download this app. The common tactic is often used to expand the userbase as quickly as possible in order to increase messaging capacity.

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