Anyone who’s walked by any of Wetzel’s Pretzels 300 locations can attest to the fact that one smell is all it takes to suddenly find yourself waiting in line for one of the brand’s signature hand-rolled soft pretzels or pretzel dogs. Good news is on the way for these Wetzel’s fanatics, as the company has rolled out its first mobile app, complete with on-the-go ordering and a built-in loyalty program, to boot.
The in-app loyalty program emphasizes simplicity and obvious added value, offering customers a free pretzel for every six purchased. By implementing the offering directly into the app, customers are able to receive rewards by scanning the phone screen with every purchase, eliminating the need for a cumbersome rewards card.
“With tons of elusive reward systems out there, we wanted to keep it simple for our loyal customers,” said Jennifer Schuler, Wetzel’s Pretzels Chief Marketing Officer. “Our aim was to create a program that was easy for our loyal customers to use -- and a program that would do what it was intended to, simply and generously reward customers. ‘Buy any six pretzel items and your seventh one is on us.’ It’s that simple. You even get to choose your own pretzel reward.”
In addition to the loyalty program, Wetzel’s customers will now have access to mobile pay, providing a significantly smoother purchasing experience. In spite of the apprehension mobile pay faces as a platform, there’s no denying the increased convenience that comes with ditching the plastic and using a smartphone to pay instead. This seamless customer experience may go a long way in sparking loyalty for a brand that has a proven track record of growth and consumer satisfaction.
Bolstering the app’s payment capabilities, Wetzel’s Pretzels also offers the users a chance to share the experience with family and friends, taking advantage of the increasing prevalence of e-gift cards. Through the app, these digital gifts can be sent to family and friends, who are then able to pay with them through the application.
Wetzel’s Pretzels has been around for more than 20 years, but has proven yet again that it’s able to adapt to new marketing trends to engage both new and existing customers. With the new Wetzel’s Pretzel’s mobile app (now available on both iOS and Android), the company takes its latest steps toward building solid brand loyalty.

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