Porsche Partners with FaZe Clan to Create Digital Experiences

In a move to engage with younger audiences, Porsche AG partnered with FaZe Holdings Inc. (FaZe Clan) to produce consumer products and digital goods for a Web3 space. The multi-year partnership will focus on turning dreams into reality, beginning with FaZe Clan members combining their stories of success with new experiences through the world of Porsche. 

According to a recent report, all of the luxury market’s growth in 2022 came from Millennial and Gen Z audiences. Existing at the intersection of gaming and youth culture, the FaZe Clan partnership will allow Porsche to more effectively engage with these audiences. As part of the deal, Porsche will be the official partner for all FaZe Clan’s esports teams. 

“Porsche has been deeply involved in gaming and esports for several years, with a clear focus on racing,” says Robert Ader, CMO of Porsche AG. “Throughout our discussions, we’ve seen that FaZe and Porsche share similar core values of performance and innovation.” 

Over the next several years, Porsche and FaZe Clan will collaborate on producing more digital goods and offerings in the Web3 space. 


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