Pizza Hut to Donate 250,000 Pizzas to Students, Grants to Educators in Need

Pizza Hut has announced its new Feed and Read Program. As a part of the program, Pizza Hut will donate 250,000 of its personal pan pizzas as well as make $500,000 in grants to educators through its nonprofit, First Book. Thanks to these grants from Pizza Hut, First Book and First Book-eligible BOOK IT! Educators will now be able to order books or other resources and give them to students where essential services are received, such as grab-and-go school food programs.
“For millions of students, school is one of the only places to receive reliable meals and access to books. By equipping the amazing educators serving these students with grants and food to distribute, we’re doubling down on our 35-year commitment to supporting childhood literacy and helping children receive meals they need during this crisis,” said George Felix, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut in a news release. “Help us spread the word by letting educators in your own circles know of these available grants at, so we can continue to help as many students as possible.”
Also, starting around April 22, every order from First Book (up to 10,000) will be delivered to educators with 25 Pizza Hut personal pan pizza certificates. These certificates, Pizza Hut says, are so educators can distribute them to their students.
In a First Book survey, the nonprofit found that more than two-thirds showed a high need for books to supplement distance learning, keep children engaged, and prevent them from falling behind. Also, a 2019 report from the FCC stated that 21 million Americans didn’t have access to at-home broadband, so those without access to books of the Internet are now unable to participate thanks to the virus.
“This crisis exacerbates the inequities that already exist. Children in affluent schools can stay at home and continue their schoolwork via online curriculum and home libraries — but children from low-income families rely on school for meals – and they don’t have access to the internet or books in their homes. They need our help now,” said Kyle Zimmer, President, CEO and Co-founder of First Book, in the same press release. “We are so grateful to Pizza Hut for stepping up and working with us to make a difference for the kids who need us most right now. The Read & Feed Program will help keep so many children in need from falling behind at this unprecedented time. This is what corporate leadership looks like.”

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