Phillips Edison & Company, LOC Card Simplify Customer Loyalty Programs

philips edison company picPhillips Edison & Company has teamed up with LOC Enterprises, LLC to simplify the loyalty card process for its customers via the LOC Card that allows shoppers to take part in merchants’ loyalty programs - all from a single swipe of one card.

The new partnership promises to bring an enhanced, streamlined experience for shoppers.

“We are excited to partner with the new LOC Card since we are always looking at innovative solutions to create an enjoyable shopping experience at our centers,” Bob Myers, COO of Phillips Edison & Company, told Loyalty360. “With this simplified solution, customers will be more likely to participate in loyalty programs and associate the LOC Card with Phillips Edison & Company properties.”

The LOC Card not only replaces the need for individual cards, but also allows customers to enroll in a merchant’s loyalty program from the universal card at any participating store – there are no forms or lengthy applications to fill out. Customers can track their rewards and promotions from all their loyalty programs from one secure website. 

The new card will also benefit retailers by giving them the opportunity to grow their brands, Jack J. Kennamer, President & CEO of LOC Enterprises, LLC told Loyalty360.

“It will make enrollment and engagement with consumers far easier than it currently is,” Kennamer said. “And retailers will also have the opportunity to notify shoppers about special events and announcements for each local center, making marketing communications far more relevant to the visitors.”

According to a recent study of more than 350 participants, nine out of 10 said they would likely sign up for the LOC Card, citing specifically the ability to securely manage information and the chance to sign up for promotions and coupons based on their needs.

The study also showed that 46% of the participants would shop more frequently at retailers that supported the LOC Card and 61% would even switch grocers if theirs did not accept the LOC Card.

The LOC Card is currently offered at businesses in the New England area, including Dave’s Soda and Pet City stores, City Square Grill, and the Living Local Association, a coop of 94 different retailers in western Massachusetts. Kennamer said his company has several other pending announcements forthcoming and are is in discussions with retailers in the U.S. as well as in Europe.

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