In trials, women’s fashion retailer triples sales in a customer       marketing campaign by dynamically matching content to each individual’s     personal interests, fashion preferences and purchase history

TWICKENHAM, England—Enterprise marketing software provider Neolane today announced women’s clothing chain Phase     Eight as a new customer in the United Kingdom for the Neolane     cross-channel marketing     automation software platform.

“We are replacing our email mass marketing tool with the Neolane     platform because it enables us to generate automated, one-to-one     personalised and timely communication with our customers and gives us a     central point of control over marketing campaigns,” said Jodie Dunkley,      head of e-commerce at Phase Eight. “We expect that by ceasing     content-generic campaigns and being more relevant in our communications     with each customer, we will drive additional web sales and footfall in     stores as well as increase loyalty and average customer lifetime value.”

Every one of Phase Eight’s customers is unique. She has her own     lifestyle, sense of fashion, colour preferences, shape, size and budget.      All of these factors influence the products she’ll find of interest. The     Neolane software will build customer profiles around such variables in a     single customer view and will enrich this view as interactions and sales     occur in any channel (email, in-store, web) . Using these increasingly     detailed profiles, Neolane will present campaign messages optimised for     each customer, tempting a positive reaction. Clicking on a link in an     email campaign will lead the customer to relevant web pages consistent     with the personalised message in the email.

During the Phase Eight trial, sales from a one-to-one personalised       campaign offering ‘new season collections’ more than tripled – to 363     percent of the previous year. In that campaign, 28.6 percent of the     emails sent were opened with 52.31 percent of these stimulating a     reaction, such as clicking on a web link.

Additionally, Phase Eight estimates that during the trial, using Neolane     reduced the time taken to develop, target and deliver email campaigns by     more than 50 percent, with more complicated ‘partner campaigns’  taking     just eight staff hours to set up versus around 38 hours previously.      Real-time automated reporting and analytics allows Phase Eight to     immediately interpret campaign performance , when reporting was     previously several days post campaign, at a cost of several staff hours.

Phase Eight has supplemented its investment in Neolane with Neolane     Interaction, a channel independent real-time recommendation engine. It     enables a company’s marketers to populate an offers catalogue from which     the ‘next best offer’ for a particular customer will be selected and     automatically personalised and presented in any outbound or inbound     channel, to tempt the customer.

“Today’s savvy and campaign bombarded customers have time only to give     attention to immediately relevant marketing communications. Gone are the     days when marketers could rely on mass marketing or simple segmented     campaigns,” said Francois Laxalt, marketing intelligence manager at     Neolane. “Companies such as Phase Eight are finding that by implementing     Neolane to create individualised content that meets each customer’s     interests, they improve opening rates, response rates, sales and     long-term brand loyalty and customer value.”

At all times, the Neolane software will enable Phase Eight to adhere to     a permission-marketing based approach, giving the customer control over     the frequency, content-type and methods of communication as well as easy     opt-out if desired.

About Phase Eight

Phase Eight is an exclusive ladies fashion retailer, renowned for     beautifully designed clothes in luxurious fabrics and unique prints,      offering a shopping experience which exceeds expectations. Phase Eight     is a growing retailer with approximately 100 stand alone stores on the     UK high street, 100 concessions in department stores across the UK and     Ireland, and a strong web presence. Visit

About Neolane

Neolane provides the only enterprise     marketing software specifically designed to manage, automate and     optimise programmes across traditional and emerging channels including     direct mail, email and mobile. With Neolane, marketers can manage     campaigns, resources, customer data and analytics from a single platform     to dramatically improve effectiveness and ROI. Built by marketers for     marketers, Neolane is used by more than 200 of the world’s leading       companies including Accor Hotels, Alcatel-Lucent, Orange and Sephora. Visit

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