Constantly pursuing customer engagement, through voice of the customer feedback, usually leads to high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Just ask Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter, who never loses sight of his customers.

“It’s everything,” Schnatter told Loyalty360.

A good customer experience nowadays equates to a good mobile/digital experience, Schnatter said. “Our customers want to be able to order good, quality pizza in an easy and convenient way and have it delivered in a timely manner. It’s becoming an expectation from customers that the restaurant industry provides a streamlined, seamless option for online/mobile ordering.”

Mobile strategy is very important to Papa John’s, as the company has long valued implementing technology into its operations. “The secret to our success,” Schnatter said, “has been investing in technology that will impact our larger customer experience strategy but never losing sight that customers are focused on quality overall−from delivery, to response time, to top ingredients–we keep quality at the core of our business.”

What’s more, Schnatter said Papa John’s has been perfecting the online and mobile ordering process, and encouraged customer feedback along the way.

“We know we are on the right track when our efforts are validated by external sources,” he said. “For example, The Search Agency recently published a report, “The Mobile Experience Scorecard–Restaurants & Catering,” and awarded Papa John’s the highest score among leading restaurants for our fast-Papa johns cusotomer engagementloading mobile web experience. We’ve seen the mobile experience rocket up the priority list of customers, and we’ve responded accordingly.”

Schnatter said the company’s focus has been on making it easy for a consumer to order, no matter where they are, and to deliver it to them quickly. “Achieving that means investing in technology that improves our operations and customer experience,” Schnatter said. “We are in constant discussions with technology companies, large and small, anyone we think that will help us improve the customer experience. We also encourage a ‘culture of tinkering.’ By giving our people permission to try new things, and take risks, we’re able to stay at the top of our industry.” 

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