In the past, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt officials have often focused on individual events to drive customer loyalty/customer experience initiatives.

This year, they are focused on a much more relational customer experience, including the creation of a comprehensive business intelligence platform where mobile and customer loyalty play a significant role in helping make the necessary decisions that lead to more positive customer experiences.

“In past years, we focused on a lot of single day offers or holidays, such as Veterans Day, Valentine’s Day, and National Frozen Yogurt Day,” Karen Porter, vice president of marketing, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, told Loyalty360. “However, this year our programs have been designed to create a more relational experience with our guests. First, we introduced our Be Orange campaign, which is inspired by our passion to celebrate originality – in our customers and employees. The campaign embraces creativity, inventiveness, and all things interesting and different and introduced consumers to our Orange Unicorn who, with a witty, quirky style, is helping consumers discover a new Orange Leaf. The legendary unicorn is rare, unique, and dares to be different – and an orange unicorn is even more unusual – the perfect spokescreature to celebrate originality.”

Porter noted some specific initiatives that rolled out this year:

“You Be You Day” in which guests received free froyo in return for sharing what makes them different
Creation Sensation, a national contest that encouraged customers to try the brand’s new summer discovery flavors (Spa Day Sorbet and Strawberry Serrano Lemonade)

Twitter party in support of No Kid Hungry and the launch of Augmented Reality coloring sheets that bring the brand’s Orange Unicorn to life

“Each of these programs has delivered on ways to have fun with our customers and stand out in a sea of sameness,” Porter explained. “We have also effectively differentiated our social media platforms with content more directly geared to followers of each platform. For example, Instagram followers want fun, beautiful ‘foodie’ shots while contests and deals are reserved for our Facebook followers. And Twitter is home to the Orange Unicorn.”

Increasingly, customers are looking for personal connections to the brands they support.

“And they also have more choices than ever, so creating loyalty that will drive repeat engagement and visits is critical,” Porter said. “Where brands make (and earn back!) those connections can be in-store at the register, via social media, engagement, and contest programs or through loyalty programs like our Ounce Back loyalty program. But, in most cases today more than ever before, it is a combination of all of these things. No matter which platform we use, we make an effort to interact with our loyal customers, not just talk at them. Customers are our greatest assets and they want to be heard and engaged with. If we listen to them and respond to their wishes, they are happy and more loyal to our brand. This is particularly important in a segment, which has historically lacked much differentiation.”

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