Nutrisystem Launches Multichannel Online Customer Experience

NUMI by NutrisystemNutrisystem wants to offer as much support as possible and provide a compelling online customer experience. As a result, Nutrisystem introduced a multichannel online customer experience, updating its customer account portal as well as launching an all-new content site called, The Leaf.

What’s more, the NuMi app is now fully integrated.

The Leaf offers slideshows and videos plus a bi-weekly newsletter, in addition to success stories from Nutrisystem customers.

Loyalty360 caught up with Steve Mikulak, Vice President, Customer Experience and Engagement, Nutrisystem to talk about his company’s latest customer experience venture.

What factors prompted Nutrisystem to launch this multichannel online customer experience and what are your goals for the program?  

At Nutrisystem, our goal is to support our customers on their weight loss journey by providing the tools they need to stay on track as well as inspirational and motivational content. Our multichannel online customer experience gives customers the ability to interact with us–how, when, and where they want. And to support their strong desire for content, especially video content, that content is now presented in the format that fits each individual customer needs. Customers now can engage with this content while they are customizing their next order or tracking their progress on NuMi or the app of their choice.

Did customer feedback play a role at all?  Nutrisystem CX

Customer feedback is at the forefront of all we do. After analyzing the tools our customers were and were not using, coupled with rounds of research, we were able to best determine the shape of our new experience.

How important is customer engagement and customer loyalty for Nutrisystem?  

Customer engagement is highly important. When our customers are successful, they become our biggest brand ambassadors.

Simplicity was one of the main themes at our Loyalty Expo in April. How do you simplify the customer/fan relationships to enhance brand loyalty? 

It’s key to determine what you are good at as a company and what customers are looking for from you. Stay in your lane, become great at those things, and make it easy for customers to find and utilize them. Sometimes less is more. Do not add clutter and don’t add things that are not in your lane.

How should brands attempt to keep up with the rapid proliferation of technologies, especially with some of the newer technologies harder to measure versus more traditional technologies that brands are more comfortable with?  

Brands need to be nimble and create as well as foster a fast paced environment that is accepting of change. Change is the only consistent moving forward so a brand that has the ability to adapt to technology and the enhancements it can bring to your business are going to be the ones that succeed.  

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