In a recent earnings call, Nordstrom officials noted that the organization was looking to expand its loyalty program, but declined to go further into the specific changes. That was until Thursday, however, when the fine apparel retailer announced that Nordstrom Rewards would now offer the same benefits, regardless of how shoppers choose to engage with the brand.
“As customers’ definition of service continues to evolve, we are focused on being responsive and delivering services and experiences that are important to them,” said Erik Nordstrom, co-president, Nordstrom. “Our customers have asked us to make Nordstrom Rewards more flexible. They’ve told us they want to be able to earn points whether they use their Nordstrom card when they shop with us or pay in another way, and today we hope we’ve delivered on their request.”
The tweaked program remains based around the principle of offering added value to loyalty customers. For every dollar spent, members earn one point. Upon reaching 2,000 points, shoppers receive a $20 Nordstrom Note, redeemable at any Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, or HauteLook location, as well as online.
In the past, points were only earned by using a Nordstrom credit, debit, or retail card. By removing this restriction, the brand has significantly improved the flexibility of the program, expanding its reach to customers who were unwilling or unable to use these methods of payment.
The incentive for using a Nordstrom card still exists; users will receive double points for purchases, receiving two points per dollar charged to the card. This added feature maintains the brand’s push for credit card enrollment, while at the same time avoiding the exclusion of shoppers who choose to use another payment method.
The program also keeps unique account identification simple; shoppers only need their mobile phone number in order to continue earning points. Without the need to remember a physical card or user login, Nordstrom’s customers are far less likely to feel intimidated by the program.

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