Nike Announces New Retail Concept with Focus on Personalized Experience

Nike has announced a new retail store concept, called the Nike Rise. According to the Nike news release, this first-of-its-kind Nike store concept responds to the pulse of sport in a Member’s city. This new store, Nike Guangzhou, will be a personalized shopping experience that will connect the customers to sports and their communities.
“Building on our history of serving our Greater China Members through new and innovative store concepts, we’re thrilled to unveil this first Nike Rise door in Guangzhou, a city that truly loves and obsesses sport,” says Cathy Sparks, VP/GM of Global Nike Direct Stores & Service, in a Nike press release. “Whether Members are connecting through the Nike App or joining in-store, they’re invited to experience a digitally-enabled journey at this Nike Rise door that links them to the energy and activity of the city, and unites communities across Guangzhou through the power of sport.”
There will be multiple new experiences offered with the original retail concept in Guangzhou, including:

  • Nike Experiences, which is a new Nike app feature, will turn the city into a digitally-enabled playground for Members. Nike Experiences, piloting in Guangzhou, will allow Members to attend in-store workshops and events hosted by the city’s network of Nike athletes, experts, and sports influencers.
  • A new personalization bar that will give a 365-experience for Members to personalize their items with design elements inspired by the city’s sports culture, like jerseys from the city’s sports teams, or t-shirts and totes.
  • According to the news release, “The sport pulse in Guangzhou is driven by running, basketball and football. The city plays host to both professional basketball and football teams, and a passionate community of runners have logged more than 3.2 million kilometers in the Nike Running Club app in the last year. Members in Guangzhou can plug into events, like weekly basketball games and football matches, with Nike experts and Master Trainers at Tianhe Sport Center (a 10-minute walk from Nike’s newest door) or get rewarded with Member Unlocks tied to the sports they love.”
  • The Nike Fit in-store experience will also be introduced to those at the Nike Guangzhou store, which is the first time in Greater China according to the Nike press release. Using the Nike Fit technology, customers can have their feet scanned by a store employee to find the best fit for any footwear, in any style. Additionally, preferred sizes can be saved in Nike Member profiles to shop online or offline.

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