New York & Co. Targets Greater Personalization and Brand Loyalty

Targeted customer engagement and personalization has been a driving force for New York & Co. as it seeks to strengthen its brand loyalty. Company officials are committed to adding value for their customers and making them aware of new items they may not be aware, offers they may be interested in, wherever they are located and on whatever device they are using.

“Regarding our CRM and loyalty programs, we transitioned to a new CRM database center in Q3, which will enhance our further personalization capabilities,” New York & Co. CEO Greg Scott said during the company’s recent third-quarter earnings call. “This will allow us a potential for opportunities and drive higher frequency among current and re-engaged lapsed customers. Our Runway Rewards credit loyalty business continued to be an important initiative and we’re making progress toward objective of growing to 50 percent.”

Another key initiative is to enhance the customer experience through digital channels and omni initiatives.

“Our e-commerce business increased by double digits with growth across all team metrics, including traffic, conversion, and ADS and now represents 31 percent of our total volume. We saw positive response to our e-commerce exclusive offering, which includes extended sizes as well as expanded assortments in dresses and tops. On the top line, we saw improvement in our brick-and-mortar stores with traffic in retail stores outperforming industry average for the second straight quarter.”

Scott noted the company’s celebrity partnerships as keys to enhanced customer engagement.

“We see the continued leverage of our celebrity collaborations and sub-brands as critical product and assortment differentiators that our customer can only find at New York & Company,” he added. “We introduced the Gabrielle Union collection in August and we’re very pleased with the customer response to our two deliveries throughout the quarter. Combined with our successful Eva Mendes collection, our celebrity sub-brands delivered the greatest year over year volume growth of all of our sub categories. We continue to deliver on great fashion, style, and value that resonates with the customer across all of our sub-brands. We have made significant progress in expanding the Company’s lifestyle perception with versatile assortment and believe our sub-brands are critical, ensuring we execute against this initiative.”

From a category perspective, the company’s bottoms business across both 7th Avenue and Soho was strong and comped in the quarter, Scott noted.

“The strong bottoms business translates the loyalty for the brand and we continue to enjoy strong market share in these important customer loyalty categories,” he said.

Increasing brand awareness is another focus.

“Enhancing the effectiveness of our communication to new and existing customers, and also deepening our relationship with existing customers,” Scott said. “Our celebrity collaborations serve as a critical brand asset in building awareness. The combined impact of our launches for Gabrielle Union collection in August and October, and our Eva Mendes collection launched in September contribute to our highest quarterly PR impressions at 1.3 billion impressions, nearly three times recorded last year. We are seeing these collaborations drive meaningful metrics in the business as our traffic continues to outpace industry average and build further momentum in Q4. These collaborations are also producing a positive halo to the brand, which we continue to see in our customer research. We also increased our investment in digital marketing and we will continue to do so in Q4 as these investments give us a clear measure of ROI.”

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