Vovici/Verint, Peppers & Rogers Group Survey Highlights Opportunities and Challenges for Managing Metrics and Defining Areas of Ownership; Budget Cited as Lowest Obstacle

Vovici, a Verint® Systems (NASDAQ: VRNT) company and leading provider of Voice of the Customer and enterprise feedback management solutions, today announced key findings from its Voice of the Customer (VoC) survey, “Don’t Be in the 4%: New Research Reveals That 96% of Companies are Leveraging the VoC to Improve Business Performance.” The study was conducted in collaboration with customer strategy consultancy Peppers & Rogers Group and 1to1 Media® to gauge the current state of Voice of the Customer initiatives.

The survey reveals that small and large organizations, representing a wide range of industries, are catching on to the value of the VoC. Among the top line results are the following:

  • Ninety-five percent of respondents say their VoC initiatives are breaking even or generating positive value. While linking VoC results to specific bottom-line metrics can be elusive, companies have an overwhelmingly positive view regarding the value of their VoC initiatives. Companies can gain greater value by determining the specific measurement metrics at the beginning of each effort.
  • Data mining is by far the highest priority among VoC initiatives, while budget is of lowest concern. Nearly 50 percent of responses to the greatest challenge regarding VoC initiatives were data related--collecting the right data, getting data out of department silos, analyzing and acting on collected data, and leveraging data across the organization. This was followed by assigning ownership and enlistment in VoC initiatives, including buy-in from senior leadership and frontline staff, at 31 percent; selecting success metrics and connection to ROI at 15 percent; and budget at five percent.
  • Marketing owns the VoC initiative by nearly a 2-to-1 margin, but the need for a dedicated VoC department continues to emerge. Twenty-five percent of survey respondents indicated that marketing takes the lead on managing the VoC. However, study results also revealed that 42.8 percent of respondents indicated that VoC initiatives have been assigned to either “a specific customer experience department,” “a specific VoC department,” “a cross-functional team of leaders from across the enterprise” or a “C-level executive.”
  • Cycle time for customer feedback is shrinking. In survey questions focused on recommendations for building a VoC strategy, one key finding pointed to the need to “prepare for change” by quickly leveraging customer data to adapt to changing circumstances and customer attitudes.

As part of its conclusion, the study states: “As long as companies aim to enhance their customers’ experiences, improve customer loyalty, and increase profitability, there will always be a demand for VoC programs and supporting tools.” This is one critical area where Vovici and Verint help organizations drive customer-centric programs through powerful voice of the customer solutions.

Unlike traditional point systems, Verint’s Voice of the Customer Analytics solutions--which include speech analytics, text analytics and enterprise feedback management--help organizations develop a holistic customer approach that unites customer feedback on expectations, preferences and experiences across multichannel communications sources, enabling them to drive business strategies and corporate performance. By capturing customer feedback across channels and interpreting it in the context of business objectives, companies can take a more proactive, informed approach that enables them to respond more effectively to customer, business and market demands, and foster relationships and loyalty.

“These findings serve as further reinforcement to the power and strategic importance of voice of the customer programs and the undeniable impact they can have on customers, employees and businesses alike,” says Nancy Treaster, general manager, strategic operations, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions. “The issue of customer loyalty and the need for organizations to understand how to best meet their customer needs is a strategic imperative for all organizations.”

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