New PunchTab CEO Wants to Serve Customers and Instill Positive Company Culture

Positive customer culture Mike Mansbach, who successfully led the Global Sales and Client Services team for the SaaS Division at Citrix, has been named the new CEO at PunchTab, a leading omni-channel engagement and insights platform.

Mansbach helped shape a market that resulted in tens of thousands of delighted customers who used the Citrix products to simplify the way they communicated worldwide.

Ranjith Kumaran, founding CEO at PunchTab, has returned to his former company Hightail that he founded 10 years ago. But he will remain an active board member at PunchTab.

Mansbach told Loyalty360 he is very excited about his new position.

“Consumer brands and retailers want to know their consumers,” Mansbach said. “Know and connect with their fans and advocates. They want to deepen ties to increase their value to their customers, increasing their customers’ commitment in turn. They want to rise above the noise of competitive brands. Personally, I would love for the brands and retailers that I love to know who I am. I would welcome them engaging with me. I would appreciate them learning more about me and I’d be an active participant in conversing with brands who wanted my POV.”

Mansbach is an active consumer, yet few brands contact him.

retail customer culture “I’m curious about why not and that’s one of the things that made me curious about PunchTab ... why not?” he said. “As I learned more about PunchTab over the last several months of speaking with customers, the team, and investors, I’ve discovered it’s difficult for brands to reach consumers like me who WANT to hear from them in meaningful ways. PunchTab has developed the science based on years of studying the market and diving deep with retailers and brands and CPG organizations, asking lots of questions to solve these problems. We’re in a position to do for these brands what no one else in the market is in position to do.”

Mansbach said PunchTab has “terrific science−algorithms that look at data in ways unique to our brands, pulling data from every system−online, mobile, in store−and drawing cool and important correlations.”

As a result, Mansbach said PunchTab can offer brands access to deep insights that help them understand who their key consumers are to eliminate the spend and negative experience associated with marketing to consumers who aren’t interested.”

He explained that PunchTab will give companies the ability to put social megaphones in the hands of their fans.

“Our platform will see what happens when brands make these adjustments, learn from them, and improve their recommendations,” he said.

Robyn Hannah, VP of Public Relations and Communications for PunchTab, told Loyalty360 that the company is committed to creating technology that allows brands and retailers to grow engagement and lifetime value with their consumers across any channel or device.

“Mike is the perfect guy to help us effectively deliver that technology,” Hannah said. “Mike is highly regarded as a results-driven go-to-market guy, who historically, has blown customers’ expectations out of the water. Loyalty is a noisy market. We have the technology to simplify that noise. It’s time to take our learnings from the many, many conversations we’ve had over the past three years with some of the world’s leading brands, our latest technology advancements, and our understanding of customer needs to the market and help transform the way brands and consumers connect.”

In just a few days at PunchTab, Mansbach has already made his message clear.

“He cares deeply about serving customers and fostering a positive company culture,” Hannah added. “He is as protective of the team as he is excited about the technology and how we can positively impact the lives of brand marketers and consumers. It has been with great humility that he’s jumped into this role and he has been warmly welcomed by customers and team members alike. I have no doubt this is just the latest step in deepening our commitment to the brands we serve. It’s an exciting time. We believe we’re going to revolutionize the market and we’re thrilled to have Mike at the helm.” 

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