Neiman Marcus to Merge Store, Online Teams to Enhance Customer Experience

Upscale retailer Neiman Marcus Group has announced a series of organizational changes, which includes merging the merchandising and planning organization for Neiman Marcus Stores and Neiman Marcus Online into a single team operating under the Neiman Marcus brand.  These changes will take effect on April 14.

“Our customers do not differentiate between channels−to them Neiman Marcus is Neiman Marcus, regardless of whether they are in-store or shopping on our website,” Neiman Marcus spokesperson Ginger Reeder told Loyalty360. “This change reflects that understanding of the customer.”

Reeder added that the buying staffs will begin to be merged into a single location late this summer.

“We believe a seamless, consistent merchandising experience will only improve the customer experience and loyalty,” she said.

Here are the specific changes announced by Neiman Marcus:

Jim Gold has been named President, Chief Merchandising Officer, Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus Group. Gold will lead an integrated merchant and planning team for Neiman Marcus Stores and Online. Gold joined the company in 1991. Prior to his current position, Gold served as President of Specialty Retail, Neiman Marcus Group.

Reporting to Gold will be:

Gerald Barnes, Executive Vice President, General Merchandise Manager for Designer Sportswear, Couture and Furs. Barnes will also serve as Neiman Marcus Online Strategy Director.

Jonathan Joselove, Senior Vice President, General Merchandise Manager for Ladies Shoes, Handbags and Accessories.

Ann Stordahl, Senior Vice President, General Merchandise Manager for Precious Jewelry, Designer Jewelry and Beauty.

Russ Patrick, Senior Vice President, General Merchandise Manager, Men’s, Gift Galleries, Home and Horchow.

Lisa Kazor, Senior Vice President, General Merchandise Manager, Designer II, Dress Collections, Contemporary Sportswear, Intimate Apparel, Children’s, Coats, CUSP, Neiman Marcus Ready-to-Wear and Flash Sales.

To ensure a seamless customer experience, John Koryl has been named President, Neiman Marcus Stores and Online, Neiman Marcus Group. In his expanded role, Koryl will be responsible for Neiman Marcus store operations and sales, ecommerce Domestic and International operations and sales, Site Merchandising, Site Optimization and Customer Care. Koryl joined the company in 2011. Prior to his current position, Koryl served as President, Neiman Marcus Online.  

Reporting to Koryl will be: Neva Hall, Executive Vice President, Neiman Marcus Stores and Lindy Rawlinson, Senior Vice President, ecommerce.

Gold and Koryl will continue to report to Karen Katz, Neiman Marcus Group President and CEO. Joshua Schulman will now report to Karen Katz in his role as President, Bergdorf Goodman.

“Over the years the way our customers shop our stores and websites has changed, and will continue to change with the increasing popularity and convenience of smart phones and tablets,” Katz said in a company release. “Our customers do not differentiate between channels and now neither will we. These changes allow us to operate as one, single, Neiman Marcus brand. John and Jim are proven leaders who will take the Neiman Marcus brand to the next level of growth and service for our customers.”

As part of the reorganization, the Divisional Merchandise Manager positions will become omni-channel. The current buying roles will remain the same, with buyers solely focused on one channel.

Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. operations include the Specialty Retail Stores segment and the Online segment. The Specialty Retail stores segment consists primarily of Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman stores. The Online segment conducts direct-to-consumer operations under the Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Last Call, and Bergdorf Goodman brand names.

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