MoviePass Launches Subscription Service Nationwide

MoviePass Inc. launched its subscription service nationwide for Memorial Day weekend. Previously, the service was only available to beta testers on the platform’s waitlist. 

The MoviePass subscription starts at $10/month and provides members with discounts on films. Members can use their subscription at any theatre that accepts debit cards, with access to 4,000+ locations. 

“By opening up MoviePass to film lovers nationwide, we are expanding our support of the movie theater industry by helping drive traffic to all theaters during the critical summer season,” says Stacy Spikes, MoviePass Cofounder and CEO. “Our newly designed service offers our members greater choice and flexibility for how they use their monthly credits while continuing to encourage them to watch movies in theaters.” 

MoviePass offers four different tiers, providing options for any movie lover — from casual watcher to dedicated cinephile. Plans provide members with credits to use toward a certain number of tickets every month. 


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