Mobile Wallet Customer EngagementAs mobile wallet technology continues to gain steam, users are becoming more engaged with brands through these channels. In a new report from mobile marketing organization Vibes, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay are proven to be growing rapidly as tools for engagement, customer loyalty, and added value offers. The 2016 Mobile Consumer Report seeks to aid companies in finding opportunities to leverage mobile technologies to achieve maximum ROI.

As coupons and other discount offers shift to the mobile space, users are beginning to take notice of the added convenience provided by digital engagement: 66% of Mobile Wallet Customer Engagementrespondents would have a more positive opinion of a loyalty program if they were able to store their loyalty information (points, rewards, etc.) on a mobile app. 

According the report, 94% of users are likely to save personalized mobile wallet offers and coupons. This statistic also speaks to the importance of personalization; customers are far more likely to respond to deals that have been tailored to their specific needs and desires. As companies face the challenge of providing customized experiences, mobile may provide the perfect channel for engaging with consumers in a personal and direct way.

“The popularity of coupons and loyalty programs remains very strong, but the most effective delivery mechanisms for these marketing tactics has changed with the growth in mobile,” said Jack Philbin, co-founder and CEO of Vibes. “This consumer data highlights the tremendous opportunity for marketers to immediately start delivering their branded content into Apple Wallet and Android Pay. It’s a win-win. Not only do consumers enjoy the convenience these mobile wallets provide, but the ability to personalize and update coupons and loyalty programs helps marketers increase their programs’ effectiveness as well.”

Interestingly, customers are showing an increased interest in engaging via text messaging. Of those surveyed, 59% of users indicated a desire to receive text updates on orders placed with retailers, and 77% said that receiving surprise text messages (special offers, birthday, membership anniversary) would improve their loyalty toward the brand.

As of right now, text messaging has remained relatively underutilized as a method for customer engagement. With these statistics, however, marketers may look to increase usage of SMS as a channel for building customer loyalty.

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