Mobile Customer Engagement Continues to Rise at Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation Customer EngagementCustomer engagement is a daily goal of every marketer, and when that engagement rises digitally, it conforms to a burgeoning segment of consumers.

Michael Rapino, the president and CEO of Live Nation Entertainment, is very excited about his company’s levels of mobile customer engagement.

“Ticketmaster has continued building its global leadership as a ticketing marketplace this year, with 7% growth in traffic,” Rapino said during the company’s second-quarter earnings conference call on Aug. 10, according to Seeking Alpha. “A key driver behind this growth in site visits and GTV has been our mobile first strategy, building our products for ease of use and viewing on mobile devices. Mobile now consistently accounts for more than half of our traffic, both in North America and internationally. And year-to-date, we have deployed 27 updates to our apps globally as we are enhancing the fan experience.”

As a result, Live Nation Entertainment has seen a 21% growth in mobile ticket sales.Live Nation Mobile

“Our app install base continues to build as well, now at 19 million, as more fans are seeing the benefit from improved search and ticket management functionality,” Rapino explained. “I am confident that 2015 will mark the true point of conversion of Ticketmaster to a technology company. We have the right leadership and technology teams in place, building a marketplace and delivering products with great fan features while also capturing cost savings for the business. With all this, Ticketmaster has never been better positioned.”

With the majority of its tickets sold for the year, Rapino is confident that Live Nation Entertainment remains on track to deliver its 2015 plan.

“We have built the industry’s most scalable and unparalleled live platform, bringing 450 million fans in 40 countries to that magical two-hour event each year,” he said. “Concerts are the flywheel for our high-margin on-site, advertising and ticketing businesses and this year we expect to deliver record operating results, increasing revenue and profitability for each of these businesses.”

Live Nation Entertainment continues to be the world’s leading promoter, Rapino said, for about three-quarters of the top 25 tours, including U2, Imagine Dragons, Luke Bryan, Kid Rock, and One Direction.

“The strength of our global platform continues to deliver growth as we have increased year-on-year attendance,” he said. “In the second quarter over a million more fans attended our shows. For the full year we expect to grow our fan base by over two million fans, which on its own would be one of the top five promoters in the world. Along with attendance growth, we have also grown per-fan on-site revenue this year by 18% to over $20 per fan in our amphitheaters and festivals as our new sales initiatives, particularly those focused on the high-end fans is paying off.”

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