The nümi Key Allows Consumers to Carry All Their     Loyalty/Frequent Shopper Cards on One Device

LAS VEGAS—At FMI 2010, MoBeam Inc. launched its first product,  the nümi     key.  Chris Sellers, MoBeam CEO says, “The nümi key gives consumers the     opportunity to store all of their loyalty/frequent shopper cards on one     digital device.  And the best part, the nümi key can be used at any     checkout lane with a laser bar code scanner.”

The average US household has more than 14 loyalty/frequent shopper     cards and it is growing.  Given the recent economic developments and     consumers’ desire for savings, loyalty cards have become an important     part of daily life.  However, most consumers are overwhelmed with the     rapidly expanding thickness of their wallet due to these cards.   Our     research shows that often, consumers miss out on discounts because they     just don’t want to carry another card. These challenges are now a thing     of the past with the nümi key. 

How does it work?  The nümi key’s patented technology converts any     bar code to light that imitates a bar code when beamed into any existing     laser bar code scanner.  The nümi key has very successful read rates     with bar code scanners.  In contrast, smartphones that generate an image     of a bar code often have less than 50% successful read rates at bar code     scanners.

Adding cards to the nümi key is simple.  There is no software to     install.  Just go to,      connect your nümi device to your computer with a USB cable, select your     retailer from a pull down list, type in your cards’ numbers as they     appear and load them to your nümi key. It couldn’t get any easier.

Chris Sellers continues, “This is the beginning of a new consumer     shopping experience in which consumers will be able to take advantage of     discounts at a new level.  In the very near future Mobeam will offer     digital coupons and gift cards on the nümi key.  When we offer coupons,      manufacturers and retailers can breathe a sigh of relief, because with     the nümi key, the coupon bar code is never revealed, thereby making     coupon fraud very difficult.  The nümi key also accomplishes all of this     securely.”

The nümi key is available beginning Monday, May 17, 2010 on

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, MoBeam Inc. offers its     patented technology to consumers, media companies, brands and retailers     in the form of a ‘digital wallet’ in which to securely store,  manage and     spend the various forms of value.


Doug Olsen, 408-366-7900

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