Microsoft Expands Enhanced Bing AI Preview

Microsoft is expanding its preview of the new AI powered Bing, eliminating waitlists to trial the new product. Made in partnership with OpenAI, the latest version of Microsoft Bing adds software like GPT-4, creating a new kind of generative artificial intelligence. 

Microsoft expects the new system to innovate advertising channels, including search options. As the new Bing platform grows, Microsoft will launch image-based search options in addition to the chat-based prompts. Additionally, the new version of Bing will increase the visual answers provided to both image and word searches, including charts, graphs, and image assets. 

“Chat is at the center of everything,” says Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s consumer CMO. “Chat is transforming search.”  

The new version of Bing will also feature partnerships with OpenTable and Wolfram|Alpha to help users find and book restaurants or receive answers to complex math questions. Currently, users must have a Microsoft account to join the pilot and access the new Bing features. 


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