As the trend of combining virtual and brick-and-mortar customer experience is rising, McDonald’s has launched an online merchandise shop named ‘Golden Arches Unlimited’ for its U.S fans.
The web shop features McDonald’s-branded merchandise, ranging from casual apparel to festive accessories. It has more than 20 items, with a rotating seasonal selection. The winter collection includes a beanie, ornaments, a holiday sweater and more.
Since the 1980s, McDonald's has partnered with multiple fashion brands and retailers. The company launched its own limited-time-only line of merchandise through the McDelivery Collection in 2017. The online store means McDonald's fans now have direct access to the company's branded items.
“McDonald’s has been ingrained in the fabric of culture for years, and there's a long history of fans wearing our brand with pride,” Colin Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at McDonald’s Corporation, said in a statement. “We're excited to help customers wear their brand love on their sleeves with the unveiling of Golden Arches Unlimited as we continue to inspire feel good moments with McDonald's.”
According to the Golden Arches Unlimited website, some of its items are sold out, but the company is working on the restocking process.
However, the famous burger chain doesn’t have a monopoly on selling branded merchandise through an online store. Other food and beverage brands also are pursuing this trend. Dunkin’ Brands Group launched an online shop offering a selection of holiday gifts, while White Castle also joined the game with the online store House of Crave.
We’re about to wrap up a year full of efforts and strategies by McDonald’s to enhance customer engagement and best serve the fans of the Golden Arches both domestically and internationally. Loyalty360 is excited to see what the legacy brand has planned for 2020.

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