Massage Envy Seeks Brand Loyalty

Massage Envy BrandMassage Envy, a national leader in professional massage and spa services, listens to its customers and has developed a tight knit community among its 1.5 million members across 1,000 locations in 49 states. The company wants to take advantage of its loyal customers and attain brand loyalty.

Massage Envy implemented a new customer experience feedback initiative called ME Spa Listens, which uses highly tuned technology to analyze customer feedback and improve the overall guest experience. Using InMoment’s cloud-based customer experience optimization platform, Massage Envy is able to glean actionable insights from customer comments that are then used at all levels of the company.

Aaron Meyers, VP of Operations Services, Massage Envy participated in an intriguing interview with Loyalty360 to discuss Massage Envy’s goals centered on brand loyalty.

How is Massage Envy enhancing its Customer Experience and what are its goals with the program? What does Customer Experience mean to Massage Envy?

Massage Envy Spa is in the business of well-being and through our membership-based model our goal is to help people incorporate massage and facial therapy into their health and wellness routine. We are always striving to provide our members with experiences that make their lives better by listening to their feedback. Continually asking what services our members like best or least and if there are other products or services we could provide to improve their time with us. Also, what helps them decide to become a member and what would discourage them from continuing their membership? From the time they park their cars in our lot to walking out of our clinics, we want to know at each touch point what brings them back to be members.

How does ME Spa Listens work, and how important is listening to your customers?

Our ME Spa Listens program utilizes the technology enabled by InMoment’s cloud-based platform to help us to stay in touch with our customers and respond as an organization. With InMoment, we have faster analytics, additional features, and the flexibility to tailor the program to better influence business decisions. Every quarter we review the data with all the departments, including franchise and real estate development. The way a clinic is designed, for example, could be impacted by what customers are saying. We also regularly review these metrics with every franchisee as part of the onboarding process and scheduled business reviews. 

How do you define Customer Loyalty and has that definition changed or evolved in recent years due to the Era of the Empowered Customer?

Our goal is for guests to become members and members to become brand ambassadors−the ultimate loyal customer. As such we measure ourselves against the promise we made to our customers, to provide the product and services that help them leave Massage Envy Spa better than when they came in. If this is not how our customers feel than we need to ask ourselves why and what can we do to fix it.

From a customer loyalty perspective, what are you most proud of at Massage Envy?

In 2014, over 66% of Massage Envy Spa members and guests said they are likely to recommend Massage Envy Spa to their friends and family. This number is pretty impressive seeing that companies like Apple and Southwest are within only a few points.

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