MaritzCX Customer ExperienceAs customer experience continues to become a priority, the reach of MaritzCX continues to stretch across the globe, to help brands achieve this same strategic initiative. And now, as one of the world’s top customer experience software and services firms, MaritzCX is also spreading across the continent of Australia as well.

To achieve this goal, MaritzCX has opened a new office in Sydney to work with clients in both Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). MaritzCX will bring its leading combination of cutting-edge research and customer experience software to the region.

The idea is to drastically improve customer experience, generate a competitive advantage and ultimately grow business revenues and customer bases through improved retention and conversion. Some of the first ANZ companies to benefit from MaritzCX’s services in this region include Qantas Airways, PTV and JAX Tyres.

“Australian companies understand the importance of ensuring the quality of customer experience, but while they understand the need and may have invested in a CX plan, they are now realizing they need a strategic partner to make a systemic CX investment successful,” said David Blakers, MaritzCX ANZ Managing Director. “The secret to success lies in the ability to collect, analyze then act upon customer feedback in real time.”

When broken down, the MaritzCX system consists of four key sections including the CX platform, data and research science, vertical market expertise, and managed program services. While working in conjunction with each other, the system enables ongoing CX strategy design and program execution.MaritzCX Improving CX

“The value of customer retention worldwide is measured in billions of dollars, so the ability to see, sense, and act upon the experience of every customer is critical,” said Carine Clark, President and CEO of MaritzCX. “The MaritzCX SaaS-based software and services approach is becoming as vital to global business performance as a financial, CRM, or ERP system. MaritzCX sets the standards in global CX and is the long-term partner needed to help businesses succeed. There is massive demand to master this business strategy and pouring money into disparate tactics is not the answer.”

So far, at least one client is extremely satisfied with the service.

"Qantas differentiates itself by delivering exceptional customer experiences,” said Vanessa Kerrigan, Quantas Manager Customer Advocacy. “Through the MaritzCX platform we’re able to listen and learn from our customers, enabling us to tailor products and services that drive continued loyalty.”

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