MagicEvent Customer EngagementThey are called disruptors, and they are turning many traditional industries upside down. Brands like Netflix and Spotify and other online streaming services are forcing those in the broadcast and music businesses to completely rethink their customer engagement strategies. And new digital startups like Uber and Airbnb are doing the same for those in the travel and hospitality industries as well.

These peer-to-peer and on demand services are changing the customer experience, and consumers appear to be pleased at the prospect. Because these disruptors seem to be here to stay, most brands are going to have to continue to evolve if they hope to stay relevant.

In Europe, another disruptor is on the horizon. It’s called and, much like Airbnb, it is a peer-to-peer accommodation service designed specifically with business travellers in mind.

Launched in 2014 as a French start-up, provides over 20,000 types of accommodations such as studios, apartments and villas for business travellers all across Europe. Currently, is operational in 60 cities throughout Europe (and around the globe) including Paris, Cannes, London, Barcelona and Hanover.

The idea is to give travelers more choice and flexibility when seeking accommodations, and is a viable alternative to traditional hotels and apartment rentals. It provides comfortable and cost effective spaces that are all located near conferences halls, exhibition centers and downtown city centers.

"More and more business travelers have tested apartment rental on peer-to-peer websites for personal travel, and are looking to benefit from the same advantages for business travel,” said Valéry Linÿer, CEO and co-founder of "This type of accommodation provides savings of 30% to 60%, without including the costs saved on restaurants and transport.”

Some of the prime advantages of these digital disrupters are the high levels of convenience and flexibility they offer, and MagicEvent is no different. It enhances its customer experience through a mobile concierge app that MagicEvent Customer Engagementallows users to reserve numerous services during Paris stays, for example. Furthermore, before even embarking on a trip or while on the road, users can take advantage of MagicEvent’s ability to choose a variety of amities in advance including room service, car service, laundry service and more.

"We have simplified the reservation method as far as possible to allow payment by bank transfer, or monthly invoicing,” Linyer continued. "Our tools perfectly meet the needs of companies looking to promote this type of accommodation and monitor the expenses and travel of their employees. Travel managers can have complete confidence in MagicEvent since our entire offer is adapted to business travel, in terms of location, comfort and safety.”

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