(Image credit: LYFE Kitchen)

LYFE Kitchen, a “fast-fine” food chain that originated in Palo Alto, California, is making sweeping updates to its customer experience. These changes include the launch of a mobile app, a new loyalty program, and the rollout of Apple Pay across all locations.
In designing and launching a mobile app, the brand offers consumers a new avenue through which customers can engage with the restaurant. Once a revolutionary feature in the food space, remote ordering is now an expected component of the dining experience, and one that has been included in the LYFE mobile app.
“We know our guests like to stay current with emerging trends and technology, and they expect the same from their favorite brands,” said Chance Carlisle, president and CEO of LYFE Kitchen. “With this in mind, we are making long-term technological investments to provide that expected user experience.”
The health promoting chain is also launching LYFE Rewards alongside the app, providing diners with not only added value, but also tips on cooking and invitations to special events. These unique offers are in line with LYFE’s positioning, as the brand is one of many today that are looking to build a culture around their food. The approach has been successful for other modern chains, including In-N-Out Burger and Chipotle, the latter of which has hinted at plans for its own loyalty program.
The idea of health-conscious food chains is certainly not a new one, but has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years, demonstrated in the rise of chains like Panera Bread. These brands are perfect candidates for a loyalty program, thanks to the passionate consumer base built on this feel-good approach to the dining experience (LYFE’s “Feed. Your. Self.” tagline evokes feelings of both physical and emotional wellness).
The growth of LYFE Kitchen—the brand now has locations in six states, with plans for further expansion—speaks for itself; consumers are quite literally hungry for healthier menu options on the go, and thanks to chains like LYFE, there seems to be no shortage of players in the space.

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