In the swaddled, rarefied world of hotel elite programs—the robes,  the private check-ins, the buttery bowls of complimentary popcorn—the latest perk is a humble one.

Stay in the lap of luxury . . . and read.

This week, Fairmont Hotels announced that eReaders would be made available at certain hotels, but only to guests staying on the Gold Floors—the “exclusive oases” that have Gold reception desks manned by Gold staff members who dedicate themselves to Gold guests, who are elite. The eReaders will be stocked with a variety of Random House titles; the concierges will be briefed on the content, allowing them to make recommendations to the discerning customer.

“It speaks beautifully to the research we’ve just conducted, to get at the true passion communities that [our guests] feel deeply about,” says Alexandra Blum, the executive director of brand development and global partnerships at Fairmont.

Read the full article here.

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