LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16, 2011—Check In To Win is a new, FREE shopper-loyalty mobile application developed by Lunchbox, LLC (“Lunchbox”).  Giving shoppers a compelling reason to leave their homes to start shopping in stores again, users can quickly earn rewards when they win. And winning is simple - check in to your local Walmart or Sam’s Club, locate special products, find the combo plays and win! Partnered with Unilever, the initial launch features nearly 50 promoted products and special displays found in over 4,500 Walmart or Sam’s Club stores nationwide.

Unlike most location-based apps, Check In To Win focuses on real rewards that specifically benefit shoppers, such as gift cards and free music and movies.

Also, Check In To Win is unique in that it focuses on making everyone a winner, and prizes can be earned immediately.

“If a customer makes the effort to get up and go to a store to find their favorite brands, they should absolutely be rewarded. Proving to retailers and brands there is a fun way to get actual products in customers hands is far more valuable than clicking on an ad from your living room,” said Adam Roe, Lunchbox CEO.

Check In To Win Version 1.0 launches with a wide range of easy to win rewards and is designed to be fun and intuitive.

“Privacy is critical, and we invented several groundbreaking methods to secure the user’s information, but we can show a dazzling display of user data,  which products they like, which stores got the most foot traffic and when, and which rewards the shoppers like best.  It’s a tough economy out there so rewarding shoppers with even a $5 gift card for their loyalty is a much better investment than paying $5 for a banner ad click off where the shopper sees no benefit,” said Adam Roe, Lunchbox CEO.

The Check In To Win team expects to learn a lot about what works for consumers and product brands.  Version 2.0 is already underway and will contain many more exciting features!

The Check In To Win app is available free for the iPhone and coming soon to Android.

For more information, visit: http://ci2w.com/

Download from the Apple Store:http://bit.ly/pQBlXc

About Check In To Win

Check In To Win is a new FREE mobile app built from the ground up to reward loyal shoppers with real rewards. Check In To Win focuses on rewards that benefit shoppers such as gift cards and free music and movies. In order to win, simply check in to your local Walmart or Sam’s Club,  explore the store around you, locate special products, find the combo plays and win while you shop!

About Lunchbox

Lunchbox is a shopper engagement solutions agency that develops innovative sales and marketing platforms for retailers that connect brands to millions of hard-to-reach customers. Their solutions can be seen online, on mobile devices, through thousands of in-store video displays, as well as in-store via retail television networks and point-of-purchase displays.  The 70-person shop, founded in 2005, is based in Los Angeles with offices in San Francisco, Bentonville, Ark., and Chicago. Clients include Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Disney and Walmart.

Media Contact: Adam Roe Lunchbox, LLC, 310.559.9222, hey@ci2w.com

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