Loyalty360 Reads: Wawa Launches RMN to Heighten Customer Experience, Braze Report Offers Customer Engagement Insight, and DoorDash Partners with Pet Supplies Plus

Wawa Debuts Goose Media Network 

Wawa, Inc. has launched its Goose Media Network, an innovative retail media network (RMN) initiative to enhance the customer experience while shopping at convenience stores. The move will offer Wawa’s loyal customer base more tailored and personalized interaction with ads and promotional campaigns across digital channels, whether using a mobile app, browsing Wawa’s website, or using another media. The ad campaigns are expected to resonate with individual consumer preferences and engage targets with partner brands by showing them products they’re likely already interested in. 

Melissa Seabright, Wawa’s advertising manager, acknowledged the dual advantage of the RMN, sharing, “Goose Media Network elevates convenience by delivering offers to customers right where they shop and allows us to build new connections with our customers and partners’ brands. This new opportunity will help connect our customers with new and relevant offers from brands they love while allowing us to increase visibility for our product partners.” 

To bring the initiative to life for 1,000 stores and Wawa customers, the brand is collaborating with Publicis Groupe’s entities, i.e., Publicis Sapient, CitrusAd, and Epsilon, to offer combined expertise in advertising technology, digital transformation, and retail media. Wawa plans to open 70-plus new convenience stores as the company enters its 60th year in business, expanding for the first time in Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

Learn about Wawa’s mobile app here: https://www.wawa.com/ways-to-order/mobile-app  


Braze Research Uncovers Telling Customer Engagement Insight 

The customer engagement technology platform Braze released its latest Global Customer Engagement Review last week. The study polled 1,900 marketing executives about this year’s customer engagement trends and their challenges. Their answers revealed how strategies for using new communication channels, AI integration, and leveraging first-party data are pivotal in helping brands meet or exceed their revenue targets.  

Chief Business Officer of Braze, Astha Malik, commented, “Today’s marketers are facing growing expectations from an increasingly connected consumer, who expects value in exchange for their attention. Marketers are utilizing the power of AI to ignite creativity and craft personalized experiences that resonate with today’s consumer. And by tapping into valuable first-party data and fostering cross-functional collaboration, marketers can transform this data into captivating campaigns that build loyalty and growth.” 

The report showed that almost all marketers surveyed are utilizing AI but have yet to harness its potential strategically or creatively. Forty-two percent of respondents said excessive time spent on routine tasks was the primary reason they didn’t utilize AI for creative or strategic marketing strategies. However, 79% of those surveyed applauded AI’s capacity to automate those same tasks and leave more time for creative ideas. The report also highlighted some industry-specific findings for five industries, including health and wellness, financial services, retail and e-commerce, media and entertainment, and QSR and delivery.  

Read the full Global Customer Engagement Review report here:


DoorDash Partnering with Pet Supplies Plus To Deliver Pet Essentials On-Demand 

In a bid to meet on-demand pet needs, DoorDash has announced a collaborative partnership with Pet Supplies Plus, a Livonia, Michigan-based pet retailer. The union will facilitate the same-day, on-demand delivery of pet products to the homes and doorsteps of pet owners nationwide from over 700 Pet Supplies Plus franchise and retail locations. The pet brand offers natural, U.S.-made products for many pets, including dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, bids, and more. 

CEO of Pet Supplies Plus, Chris Rowland, highlighted the company’s commitment to customer service and fostering innovation in the brand’s industry. “Innovation continues to be a top priority for our brand as we assess how else we can meet the needs of our neighbors. This new partnership with DoorDash provides another option for our neighbors to get what they need to give their pets a happy and healthy life. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for pet parents, and now we can reach even more people as our brand grows.” 

Fuad Hannon, VP of New Verticals at DoorDash, added, “Since launching the Pets vertical in 2020, DoorDash has more than 400,000 pet products available for on-demand delivery. We’re thrilled to expand our selection further with the addition of Pet Supplies Plus to the Marketplace. Consumers can now access all their pets’ daily essentials — from food and grooming supplies to toys and accessories…on DoorDash.” 

Pet Supplies Plus stores will also be accessible through DoorDash’s subscription service, DashPass. The integration will provide free comprehensive on-demand delivery services for grocery, restaurant, and convenience store items. 

Pet Supplies Plus offers a Rewards program. Learn more: https://www.petsuppliesplus.com/rewards   


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