Loyalty360 Reads: Visa and Hyundai Card Announce Strategic Partnership, State of Video Technology Survey Shares Findings on Personalized, Interactive, and AI Video, and More

Kroger Recognizes Award Winners for Youth Engagement Program  

Kroger has announced that 10,310 students across the United States have been recognized as winners of the Zero Hero award as part of the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste youth engagement program. These students have been honored for their efforts in the 2022-2023 academic year to build hunger-free and waste-free communities while supporting the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2 and 12: Zero Hunger and Responsible Consumption and Production. Throughout the school year, these exceptional Zero Hero award winners dedicated a total of 78,800 volunteer hours, resulting in a community impact value of $2.5 million. 

"We are so incredibly proud of and inspired by the passion of these students and their commitment to our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste mission," said Denise Osterhues, Kroger's senior director of sustainability and social impact. "The work to serve our communities and help protect our planet will not be achieved by a single generation—it will take all of us. We are thrilled to have Kroger's Zero Heroes across the country leading the way. May their dedication be an example to everyone that we can make a big difference through service and everyday actions." 


Visa and Hyundai Card Announce Strategic Global Data Partnership 

Visa and Hyundai Card have announced a strategic business partnership to collaborate on utilizing payment data for insights and value. Hyundai Card aims to enhance its data capabilities and transform financial services through data-driven technologies. The partnership will involve the joint development of innovative data products and solutions, with the Hyundai Card offering its data analytics platform globally using Visa's extensive network.  

Visa will support the growth of Hyundai Card's data alliance group and platform, while Hyundai Card will endorse Visa as its preferred global payment brand.  


State of Video Technology Survey Shares 81% of Consumers Want More Video from Brands 

A recent survey conducted in the US and UK reveals that over 80% of consumers want brands to use video more in their communications, but only 30% actually receive it. While there has been a slight improvement from last year's State of Video Technology Survey by Idomoo, the gap between consumer demand for video and what brands deliver remains significant.  

Personalized videos outperform generic ones, increasing loyalty and brand trust by nearly four times. The adoption of personalized videos has also increased, with 25% of consumers receiving them this year compared to 17% last year. There is a growing interest in interactive video content, with almost 80% of consumers expressing a desire for it from brands.  

Younger consumers and high earners are particularly responsive to video innovations, with 89% wanting brands to use video more and 88% desiring interactive video. Interestingly, the study found that the UK market lags behind the US in both adoption and interest in advanced video communications. 

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