Loyalty360 Reads: Sweetgreen Updates Rewards Program to In-Restaurant Guests, Lacoste Offers More Exclusive Experiences for Loyalty Members, GoodRx Enhances Prescription Management Service

Sweetgreen Rewards Program Goes Physical 

Sweetgreen is planning to update its two-tiered subscription program. The health fast food restaurant chain is offering rewards benefits to in-restaurant guests as well as expanding digital offerings. The first tier of the Sweetpass program allows members to earn discounts by opting into personalized “challenges.” Members also get early access to new menu items, are rewarded with birthday gifts and receive a sneak peek at new merchandise.  

The higher-tier Sweetpass+ program is a $10-per-month plan that gives loyalty members $3 off their daily order, priority support, delivery perks, premier access to merch drops and other exclusive experiences. Both tiers, however, are currently tied to digital orders through the chain’s app or website only. 

In the coming months, loyalty members will be able to begin both earning and redeeming rewards in restaurants, said CEO and co-founder Jonathan Neman. “So if we think about Sweetpass as a channel to acquire and hold new customers, as well as drive frequency of our lower-frequency guests, that in-store unlock is really important,” he said. So far, the Sweetpass program is showing early success with membership growing steadily. Offering the ability to earn and use rewards to in-store guests is also expected to boost traffic. 


Lacoste Offers More Rewards with Virtual Store 

Lacoste loyalty members can enjoy more rewards at the brand’s virtual store. Users can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt to unlock prizes and other rewards. When visiting the virtual store, an elevator will take shoppers to a pool-deck setting with various product offerings.  

“Producing virtual shopping experiences that go beyond the look and feel and make digital shopping into an integral part of the brand’s e-commerce strategy,” Emperia co-founder and CEO Olga Dogadkina said in a statement.   

  • Lacoste announced another virtual store powered by Emperia featuring its summer collection on Wednesday, according to details sent to Retail Dive. The store is accessible on the brand’s website.  

  • Shoppers can view the fashion retailer’s seasonal offerings of clothes, shoes and accessories. A special room in the virtual store showcases another collection exclusive to Le Club Lacoste and members of UNDW3, Lacoste’s Web3 community. 

  • Each physical item from the exclusive collection also offers its digital twin in the virtual shopping experience. Upon scanning a QR code, shoppers can view garments from the exclusive collection through augmented reality tech. 


GoodRx Unveils New Medicine Cabinet Feature 

Medicine Cabinet, the new prescription management solution at GoodRx, enables consumers to keep track of their medications, find the lowest prices, and earn rewards for staying on track. This technology offers new ways to benefit shoppers like earning rewards points, refill reminders, best pharmacy recommendations, and many more. This program is available on iOS and soon will be available on Android products.  

Reporting on this new technology has found that GoodRx users who engage with Medicine Cabinet are almost four times as likely to claim prescriptions at the pharmacy than non-registered users. These users typically manage more prescriptions within the GoodRx app, leading to more than 40% more prescriptions being filled than non-registered users. These early data points showcase the value of Medicine Cabinet in helping GoodRx users adhere to and manage more of their medications. 

“Tracking a variety of medicines and remembering when to take them is a real challenge. But for many Americans, it gets even harder juggling refills, navigating multiple pharmacies and managing costs,” said Mark Hull, Chief Product Officer of GoodRx. “With Medicine Cabinet, we are addressing these hurdles by making medication management easier and giving consumers more control over their prices, leveraging much of the prescription history consumers already have on GoodRx, and you can actually save more money just by adhering to your medications.” 

Shoppers can learn more about the Medicine Cabinet program at GoodRx down below:  

  • Action Center: Keeping track of the different actions you need to take across all of your prescriptions can be overwhelming. The Action Center keeps it simple by highlighting important things you need to do to stay on top of your medications. 

  • Best Pharmacy Recommendations: Finding the pharmacy that offers the best prices for all of your medications can be tricky. Now, we do the work for you and analyze your entire list of prescriptions to identify the pharmacy offering the lowest overall price on GoodRx so you can maximize your savings. 

  • Daily Medication & Refill Reminders: Remembering to take medications on time and keeping track of refills can be challenging. Our new Reminders feature can help ensure that you'll never miss a dose or a refill. You can set reminders for the time of day when the medication should actually be taken. 

  • Prescriptions Dashboard: Find all of your medications in one place without all the work. Prescriptions filled using GoodRx will automatically populate in the Medicine Cabinet, saving time and the work of entering information manually. You will be able to see the prescription number, physician contact info, date of next refill, and even the correct pill image so you can identify it at home. In addition, you can add prescriptions filled outside of GoodRx, so you have everything in one place. 

  • Rewards Program: Earn GoodRx Rewards points every time you use an eligible GoodRx coupon or pick up your refills on time, and redeem them for discounts on your prescriptions or digital gift cards from hundreds of retailers. You save when you stay healthy. 

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