Loyalty360 Reads: Starbucks Updates Cafes for Accessibility and Inclusivity, Research Shows Shoppers Skeptical About Crypto, Verizon and NHL Renew Partnership

Starbucks Creates More Accessible and Inclusive Spaces  

Seattle, Washington-based coffeehouse and roastery Starbucks announced its Inclusive Spaces Framework initiative, building on the chain’s commitment to inclusion. The project will create more accessible spaces for customers and employees who are wheelchair-bound or have audio or visual impairments, among other disabilities. Existing stores will be renovated to adapt to the framework, and new Starbucks cafes will be built to meet the framework’s specifications.  

A recently built Washington, D.C. store was the first to utilize the inclusive design, which has enhanced lighting and acoustic solutions to reduce glare and improve communication with customers through reduced background noise, wider pedestrian paths, lower countertops for wheelchair users, and a customer order status board. The store also has more accessible equipment to facilitate better experiences for workers, such as an updated ordering station that can be viewed at multiple heights and levels, screen magnification, menu item images, voice assistance, and visual order confirmation.  

Senior Vice President of Store Operations Katie Young said, “At Starbucks, we have challenged ourselves to imagine what’s possible when we take a closer look at the many ways our partners and customers interact with us and experience our stores every day. Building and scaling an Inclusive Store Framework is central to our mission of connection and will lead to greater access for all.”  

Learn more about Starbucks Inclusive Store Framework project here:


Study Shows Shoppers Still Skeptical About Cryptocurrency 

According to a Chargebacks911 study, most shoppers still aren’t comfortable using cryptocurrency as a preferred payment method and would rather stick to traditional payment ones. The fintech payment dispute solutions provider produced the 2024 Cardholder Dispute Index in conjunction with The Strawhecker Group (TSG), a consulting and analytics firm. 

One key takeaway from the study’s findings showed that over 80% of online shoppers still prefer paying with a credit or debit card. Smaller numbers of shoppers prefer alternative payments when shopping online. Some of the survey’s highlights showed: 

  • Only 1% of shoppers prefer using cryptocurrency 

  • Just over 9% prefer using Apple or Samsung Pay through their mobile wallet 

  • Nearly 5% prefer using Zelle, Venmo, or CashApp 

  • A smaller number of respondents would rather pay with a bank transfer or gift card 

According to Triple-A, a crypto payments firm, only around 4.2% of consumers worldwide own cryptocurrency.  

You can unlock the full 2024 Cardholder Dispute Index report here:


Verizon, National Hockey League Renew Partnership  

The National Hockey League (NHL) and Verizon have announced they are renewing their partnership and entering a multi-year sponsorship, cementing Verizon’s roles as the Official Wireless Services Partner, Official Mobile Edge Computing Partner, and the NHL’s Official 5G Partner. As an Official Technology Partner for the NHL, Verizon will install private 5G wireless networks at NHL hockey venues to enhance fan experiences and help facilitate more innovative game day operations.  

CEO of Verizon Business Kyle Malady said, “Innovation is driven by a vision and the technology to support it, which makes this partnership with the NHL a perfect fit for Verizon and Verizon Business. Our collaboration with the NHL showcases what transformative network connectivity can bring to venues and fans alike. Having a forward-looking partner in the NHL opens up significant opportunities from an operational standpoint, when you look at the business of professional hockey, to enhancing in-game efficiencies and the fan experience.” 

With the new deployment of the 5G Ultra Wideband network at NHL arenas, fans will benefit from state-of-the-art immersive experiences through seamless and lightning-fast connectivity while livestreaming, watching and downloading videos, checking scores on their devices, and managing their fantasy teams. 

Check out this Verizon Business YouTube Video showcasing 5G Ultra Wideband:


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