Need the energy to keep watching the Football game? Fuel up on Pizza Hut.
Watching your favorite team on the tube can be pretty exhausting, especially if they’re losing. Fixing a bowl of nachos or frying chicken wings in the kitchen might be that extra stressor that sends you over the edge. Luckily, Pizza Hut, starting its first year as the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, is introducing a bunch of exclusive pizza deals for NFL fans using its Game Plan mobile platform. Instead of kitchen work, you can get discounted pizza delivered right to your door. In addition, the Game Plan platform will send you kickoff reminders if you’re hassling with something else, like dressing your screaming kid or taking out the garbage. This is real convenience.
“Pizza has the power to bring sports fans together,” says Marianne Radley, Chief Brand Officer of Pizza Hut United States. “For years, Pizza Hut has served as a gameday centerpiece in living rooms across the country. Now, as the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL, we’re going to celebrate football fans all season long. We look forward to kicking off the season with our new league and team partners to deliver fans incredible in-home experiences and quality pizza each gameday.”
If you work really, really, really hard and want to go to a Polynesian island, pay attention.
Americans aren’t using their vacation days that much. In fact, 700 million of them go unused each year. United Airlines wants to fix this—kind of. The airline company has announced a contest called Time Off in Tahiti, which will send one lucky American (yeah, just one) to the South Pacific island for a vacation. To win, though, you must be the hardest-working person in the United States.
Whoa. That’d be quite a claim. On its contest submission page, United Airlines doesn’t provide any guidelines on how it will choose the winner. Entrants need to submit a 300-word essay explaining why the person nominated (you or someone you know) should be considered the hardest-working American. So, if you’ve worked 16-hour days everyday for 40 years, you might have a tiny chance to win. If you’ve done that, and, say, carved a sculpture in a mountainside, you’ve probably got a little bit better chance. Otherwise, you might want to plan and pay for your own vacation.
“With the unofficial end to summer this past weekend, it’s disheartening to think that so many Americans won’t have had a chance to use vacation days and get time away from the daily grind to experience something different,” says Toby Enqvist, United’s Chief Customer Officer. “This is why we’re so excited about this contest—it presents the opportunity for the deserving winner to experience some of the most relaxing scenery in the world in Tahiti.”   

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