Loyalty360 Reads: September 21: Amazon Acquires Robotics Company, Walmart’s Package Recycling Efforts, and More

Amazon Acquires Robotics Company
Amazon is acquiring mechatronics company Cloostermans. The company has been building technology to move and stack heavy pallets and totes, and robotics used to package products for customer orders. Amazon is making the acquisition to ramp up its R&D and deployment in that area.

Amazon’s robotics ecosystems, including its industrial warehouse operations as well as products more directly connected to consumers and customer experience, has been building over the years through a mix of acquisitions, internal development and partnerships with third parties.

Walmart Launches Packaging Recycling
Walmart is encouraging customers to recycle beauty product packaging in certain stores in select states. The Walmart US Beauty Recycling Program is rolling out in stores for empty hair care, skincare and cosmetic packaging. Walmart and P&G have sponsored the program, and it is free for customers.

“Walmart and P&G are working together to strengthen recycling solutions and educate their communities about the importance of sustainability by offering convenient in-store drop-off points for haircare, skincare and cosmetic packaging,” Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO.

Instacart Acquires E-Commerce Platform
Instacart announced the acquisition of e-commerce platform Rosie. Rosie offers independent grocers branded e-commerce websites and mobile app capabilities that power order flow, fulfillment and customer insights. The company’s product features include shoppable weekly ads, rewards programs integrations, third-party fulfillment logistics integrations, payment processing and more.

Instacart says the acquisition will allow it to introduce new e-commerce solutions for local and independent retailers that complement its Instacart Platform e-commerce offerings, which give retailers access to the solutions behind Instacart’s consumer marketplace to help them enhance customer experience and help their businesses grow.

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