Loyalty360 Reads: Perkins Rebrands and Plans Enhanced Customer Experience, White Castle Touts “Night Castle” Initiative, and PDQ Rolls Out Kiosks in Restaurants

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Rebrands as Perkins American Food Co.  

The former Perkins Restaurant & Bakery announced at its 2024 Brand Conference held in Minnesota that it is rebranding to become Perkins American Food Co. The brand that serves up American classics like homestyle apple pies and pancakes has unveiled a “vintage fresh” redesign, introducing a new logo and modern restaurant aesthetics while maintaining its core values of value, quality, and service. 

“Perkins is an American-born brand where hospitality comes to life for the eclectic tastes of today’s adventurous diners. We are bringing the same soul, with a new attitude,” said Toni Ronayne, President of Perkins American Food Co. “Our rebrand is way more than a new logo and descriptor. This is a declaration of our values, our food, and our roots by showing how modern American hospitality comes to life. We’re always stepping forward and evolving, just like the communities we serve.” 

Restaurants have expanded to 3,500 square feet and exemplify contemporary American hospitality. Perkins, a family dining brand since 1958, now operates almost 300 locations across the United States and Canada. Perkins partnered with design firm Aria Group and branding agency Dunn & Co. to complete the revamp, which includes a refreshed menu, new value offerings, third-party deliveries, catering, and off-premise dining.  

The first rebranded Perkins American Food Co. is set to open in Orlando later this year with hearty, hand-crafted meals with local cultural influences. The in-house bakeries will maintain their iconic offerings while introducing new treats to elevate the brand’s bakery selection. 

Fans of the restaurant can subscribe to Perkins’ eClub and receive 20% off their next order. To meet the needs of modern consumers, a loyalty program is in the works. 


Craver Nation® Loyalty Club Members Benefit with “Night Castle” Brand Initiative  

Fast-food hamburger chain White Castle announced it’s responding to April survey respondents by doubling down on its “Night Castle” brand and staying open longer and later. The White Castle survey revealed that 83% of U.S. adults enjoy fast food after late-night activities. Additionally, 80% of Cravers, White Castle’s most passionate fans, consider the chain the best option for making late-night memories. The company is investing in hiring more staff, special deals, and enhanced delivery options to cater to its late-night customers, with almost 70% of the restaurants open 24/7.  

“The survey results confirm that we’re making the right decision to strengthen White Castle’s standing as the go-to after-hours scene for great food,” said Jamie Richardson, Vice President at White Castle. “We want to be the place where people go at night to satisfy their late-night cravings.”  

To attract more late-night customers, White Castle is offering exclusive deals to its Craver Nation® Loyalty Club members, such as a six-piece Chicken Rings for just $2 between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. For Cravers who prefer to eat in, White Castle is offering in-app delivery for a flat $4.99 delivery fee. Additionally, Sliders are available in the freezer aisles of grocery stores nationwide, ensuring that customers can enjoy their favorite White Castle items anytime.  

Moreover, White Castle’s marketing efforts will continue to highlight the “Night Castle” brand with late-night promotions and a partnership with a major movie release later this summer. The company also offers “Night Castle” merchandise through its House of Crave online store. 

Learn more about the Craver Nation Loyalty Program here. 


PDQ Enhances Customer Experience with Samsung Kiosks at Restaurants 

Samsung announced that the fast-casual food chain PDQ has unveiled Samsung Kiosks across PDQ restaurants in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina. PDQ, known for its fresh chicken fingers, began a three-phase rollout in April and finalized it in June.  

“The PDQ Chicken brand stands for ‘People Dedicated to Quality,’ which is a commitment that extends not only to the mindful ingredients in its food but also the guest experience inside its restaurants,” says Sara Grofcsik, Head of Sales, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “The intuitive, all-in-one ordering and payment system on the Samsung Kiosk enables PDQ to meet modern customer expectations for self-service with faster, more accurate orders that keep guests coming back for more, time and time again.” 

Following a successful pilot program utilizing GRUBBRR® in August 2023, the kiosks demonstrated their effectiveness in curbing operating costs, streamlining operations, reducing inefficiencies, increasing revenue, and enhancing the guest experience. The pilot results showed that 20% of PDQ customers opted for automated upsells on the kiosks, contributing to a 25% increase in average ticket size. 

Watch as PDQ’s COO, customers, and GRUBBRR’s CMO talk about testing the kiosks in this YouTube video.  


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