Loyalty360 Reads: Meet the Next Generation Personal Retail Assistant from Dynamic Yield by Mastercard, Nextdoor Releases Self-service Portal for Businesses, and Sprouts Partners with Uber

Shopping Muse Elevates the Experience for Consumers Browsing Digital Catalogs 

An advanced generative AI tool, Shopping Muse, was recently released by Dynamic Yield by Mastercard. The technology will provide a more personalized shopping experience for consumers searching for products in a retailer’s digital catalog. Whether a consumer uses unconventional search words or phrases — like “cottagecore” — Shopping Muse can offer suggestions that match the searcher’s unique consumer profile, browsing intent, and even affinity. Over time, results that match the shopper’s query are returned.   

Creating an authentic, personalized experience for the consumer reduces frustration as consumers are presented with items they might not have properly described. Browsing history and past purchases also inform the tool, and this allows the retailer to avoid offering an item not previously shown to the consumer.  

“Personalization gives people the shopping experiences they want, and AI-driven innovation is the key to unlocking immersive and tailored online shopping,” says Ori Bauer, CEO of Dynamic Yield by Mastercard. “By harnessing the power of generative AI in Shopping Muse, we’re meeting the consumer’s standards and making shopping smarter and more seamless than ever.” 


Meet the Shopping Muse at: https://www.dynamicyield.com/shopping-muse/  


Nextdoor Releases a Self-service Portal Allowing Businesses and Developers To Explore the Company’s API Offerings 

The Nextdoor Developer Site allows enterprises, small businesses, and developers to learn more about the company’s Application Programming Interface (API) offerings through its new self-service portal. Organizations can browse API capabilities and integrations that could be the right fit to help them improve advertising efforts and reach.  

With a focus on local information, goods and services, and community, Nextdoor has created a “neighborhood network” with millions of “neighbors,” businesses, and public agencies. Advertising and Content APIs allow partners to leverage a local network and engage neighbors across three pillars:  

  • Advertising: Campaign Management and Conversion API (CAPI)  

  • Sharing on Nextdoor: Share Plugin and Publish API  

  • Display Content from Nextdoor: Search, Trending Posts, and Public Agency Feed APIs   

“Nextdoor has delivered real value to partners through our content and advertising APIs,” says Heidi Andersen, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at Nextdoor. “With our APIs, partners have the opportunity to serve locally relevant content to a highly engaged audience, as well as measure the results of their efforts. We’re excited to continue to expand our API solutions and connect partners with the people, communities, and customers that matter to them.” 

Learn more about this initiative and how to apply for access: https://developer.nextdoor.com/  


Sprouts Farmers Markets Hits the Road with Uber Eats 

Sprouts Farmers Markets has partnered with Uber Eats to offer on-demand grocery delivery in Florida. Shoppers can browse a broad selection of natural and organic products through the Uber Eats app or website. Fresh groceries can be delivered the same day or scheduled for later in the week.  

“We are excited to expand our reach and respond to customer demand for fast, convenient delivery of our high-quality, better-for-you products that you can’t find anywhere else,” said Nick Konat, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sprouts. “By partnering with Uber, more people will be able to access our uniquely healthy assortment and the season’s freshest, most delicious produce.”  

To this, Christian Freese, Head of Grocery & Retail for Uber Eats in the US & Canada, adds, “When consumers open the Uber Eats app, we want them to be able to get (almost, almost) anything delivered to their doorsteps — and Sprouts Farmers Market brings an incredible variety of healthy, delicious products from fresh-picked produce to baked goods and more.” 

Sprouts plans on bringing the delivery service through Uber Eats to its markets in phases and will focus on more than 40 locations in Florida in the beginning. All Sprouts locations will have access to the service by the end of the year.  

Sprouts customers can enjoy a special promotion from December 11, 2023, to January 31, 2024, receiving 50% off their first delivery orders of $50 or more on Uber Eats using the code: SPROUTS50 (up to a maximum discount of $35). Please see the company’s website for complete details. Exclusions may apply. 

Please visit the website at: https://www.sprouts.com/   


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