Loyalty360 Reads: March 9 | Jeep’s Connected Customer Community, Jimmy John’s All-In on Freaky Fast Rewards Program, and More

Customer Loyalty
Jimmy John’s Launches National Campaign Highlighting Free Sandwich with Freaky Fast Rewards
Last year, Jimmy John’s rolled out its first-ever customer-loyalty program, Freaky Fast Rewards, in select markets - and now the brand is going all-in on its customer loyalty program by promoting Freaky Fast Rewards with a national campaign highlighting one a great sign-up rewards for fans: a free 8″ sandwich after a guest places their very first order. Freaky Fast Rewards launched chainwide last November and has 3.4 million members signed up already. Customers who sign up for Freaky Fast Rewards can earn a variety of rewards, including free sides, drinks and exclusive first-taste access to new menu items. Recently, Loyalty360 took a deep dive into the Freaky Fast Rewards Program and Jimmy John’s commitment to their customers.
Jeep Gives Fans and Followers Motivation to Become Part of the #JeepFamily
More than 13 million strong across the brand’s social channels, Jeep is launching a new social media campaign, giving Jeep owners, fans and followers the opportunity to share their photos and stories of off-road adventures in Jeep vehicles, why they love the Jeep brand, why they love their vehicle and what it means to be a part of the #JeepFamily. Additionally, as a part of the #JeepFamily digital campaign, one lucky Jeep enthusiast the chance to attend the ultimate Jeep Family Reunion – the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. To help celebrate all of the new members of the Jeep Wrangler family, the Jeep brand is launching phase II of its Badge of Honor program, a mobile app and online community that celebrates and rewards those who live the off-road lifestyle.
Customer Experience
Research on Restaurants and Sensory Experiences
What customers see and hear when they walk into any store can have an emotional impact, and new research suggests that sensory experiences can have an impact on overall customer satisfaction. According to a recent study released by Mood Media, in which they surveyed more than 10,000 consumers, 58 percent of quick-service customers recall hearing and enjoying music while dining. In the Generation Z demographic, music is even more crucial: 74 percent of shoppers, ages 18 to 24, recall recently enjoying listening to music in-store. However, more than half of respondents noted that they make negative associations with brands that play music they do not enjoy, or music that is loud. Furthermore, if restaurants have screens in-house, consider how programming, such as negative news coverage, may impact customers.
Corporate Social Responsibility
PetSmart Charities Breaks Adoption Records with National Adoption Weekend
Across North America, pet owners welcomed 32,985 adoptable pets into their homes during PetSmart Charities' first National Adoption Weekend event of the year held at PetSmart stores across the U.S. and Canada – making it the most successful National Adoption Weekend since the event was initiated by PetSmart Charities and PetSmart over 25 years ago. With the help of nearly 4,000 animal welfare organizations and thousands of volunteers, PetSmart and PetSmart Charities found homes for a wide variety of pets in need. "National Adoption Weekends are truly a collaboration of our animal welfare partners and associates that connects these pets with their future families. We couldn't be more proud these efforts have found homes for over 9.2 million pets in our 25 year history,” shared Chris McCurdy, interim president of PetSmart Charities.
Employee Engagement
Chipotle Tests Unlimited PTO for Senior Level Staff, Raises Paid Parental Leave
Chipotle has announced the brand is testing unlimited paid time off (PTO) for senior staff members including team directors to give them more flexibility to manage responsibilities both at home and at work. Chipotle said it will assess feedback and determine whether to roll out the benefit to other employee levels. Chipotle also announced that it is raising paid parental leave to 12 weeks for moms who have just given birth, and four weeks for new dads and those who have adopted children.

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