American Express Expands Gold Card Restaurant Rewards
American Express is going global with its rewards. “Beginning this week, American Express will reward Gold Card holders with 4X points on purchases made at restaurants worldwide. Previously, the credit-card company only rewarded customers for spending money at restaurants in the US.”
Study Shows Quality of Products Is the Prime Loyalty Driver
According to a new research, free-shipping and low prices aren’t everything. “When it comes to building a loyal customer base, the quality of products is key for merchants and marketers. That’s a key takeaway from new Yes Marketing research which found the product quality and value are the top factor for 41 percent of loyalty customers.”
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Amazon’s New Delivery Drone Will Start Shipping Packages ‘In A Matter Of Months’
Amazon’s drone delivery service is coming. “The drones are part of Amazon’s continued push to reduce package delivery times for its customers as it rolls out one-day shipping to its Prime members in North America, and its hybrid design means it can take off and land vertically, but also fly horizontally like a plane during the course of delivery.”
Why Some Retailers Are Faring Better than Others
The retailers that cater to low-income Americans are seeing success where luxury brands aren’t. Retailers should “take note that the spending power of sticker-conscious shoppers is on the rise.”
Walmart Revamps the Vest
Say goodbye to the old Walmart employee vest. You know, the blue one. It’s been revamped. “The majority of the new vests will be ‘a neutral steel gray’ and feature ‘a pop of color’ on both the trim and the spark logo, Walmart said. The coloring is meant to help make associates more recognizable in the hustle and bustle of the store.”

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