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McDonald’s To North Korea
According to reports from the Washington Post, the McDonald’s customer experience may soon be felt in North Korea. Apparently, Kim Jung Un is into the idea of bringing a “Western hamburger franchise” into the nation.  The Golden Arches have never been afraid to expand into difficult territories, as they moved into Russia during the Cold War and even some spots in the Middle East more recently. The fact of the matter is that people need their Big Macs, and no political or societal divide is going to stop them from making that happen. Who would have thought Chicken McNuggets would be such a powerful unifying force in the world?

Microsoft Acquires GitHub for Pocket Change
Okay, we were lying about the pocket change part. Yesterday, Microsoft acquired GitHub, the world's leading software development platform where more than 28 million developers learn, share, and collaborate to create the future, for a measly $7.5 billion. GitHub will continue to provide an open platform for developers despite the acquisition, as that is what makes it unique and has caused its rapid growth over the years. The acquisition will close at the end of 2018, at which point new leadership will take over and the deal will officially be completed.

Fitbit Versa Makes History
Since Fitbit’s launch of its new Versa product in April, they have shipped over one million devices, making it the fastest growing product in company history. The “24/7 health and wellness companion,” helps you reach your goals through personalized wellness data tracking. Concurrently, the new female health tracking system within Fitbit has over 2 million purchases in just a few months. The female tracking system allows for better body knowledge, more productive doctor visits, personalized insights, and innovation in an area that is needed for the brand.

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